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Racial disparities in excess mortality in Minnesota in 2020 are worse than previously reported
As COVID Vaccines Arrive, Remembering How An Earlier Pandemic Touched a Family
COVID-19 in England – analysis of first two waves
Scientists solve 100-year-old cerebral malaria mystery using neuroimaging techniques
High-speed model for fight against corona
Pets, touch and COVID-19: why our furry friends are lifesavers
New study shows [bushfires hit platypus numbers hard]
Coronavirus Vaccine Approval Will Launch Unprecedented Public Health Initiative
WHO calls for reinvigorated action to fight malaria
Research highlights near-miss which could have changed outcome of D-Day
Methods known from climate science can make Covid-19 models more robust
U.S. lifespans trail that of other affluent nations, even for wealthy
Excess death toll in care homes from Covid-19 ‘hugely underestimated’
Naloxone To Save More Lives Under Amended Drug Law
Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme is truly nation building
Misperceptions About Southeast Tornado Risk
University of Canterbury degree first step into dream job as foreign correspondent
Prime Minister announces new national restrictions
Viet Nam: Landslides caused by Storm Molave bury at least 13 families in remote district
Satellite images suggest deaths more than doubled in Aden, Yemen during intense COVID-19 transmission
Armenian new missile strike kills over 20 civilians with at least 70 wounded in Azerbaijan city
Simple actions can help people survive landslides, UW analysis shows
England, Wales and Scotland among nations with highest death toll from pandemic
UK PM Commons statement on coronavirus 12 October 2020
Latin America and Caribbean Must Seek to Contain Costs from COVID-19 While Waiting for a Vaccine
New study confirms advice given to UK government about school closures
When disasters strike, nursing homes residents face considerable risk
La Trobe leads fight against sepsis
Analysis Finds True Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000 in US
Pandemic Sets Off Future Wave of Worsening Mental Health Issues
Supporting establishment of UNITAMS
Alpine ice core reveals how climate change impacted WW1 and incubated Spanish Flu
Tel Aviv University Joint Study: COVID-19 Deaths Dive on Weekends
COVID-19: Anxiety increases, distancing drops
Conservation groups question why deadly shark nets are returning to NSW beaches today not SMART drumlines
Penington Institute calls on Government to take action
Australia’s 2020 Annual Overdose Report Released Today
Ten consecutive years of 200+ overdose deaths in Queensland
Penington Institute calls on Government to take action
Natural disasters must be unusual or deadly to prompt local climate policy change, study finds
In Perfect Isolation
People outside early-hit cities may be most at risk from second Covid wave
Urgent action needed to prevent COVID-19 crisis in disability care
Failures in aged care must result in change
Wider repercussions for COVID focus
Modelling study predicts additional cancer deaths in England due to delayed diagnoses during COVID-19 pandemic
Asymptomatic Spread Could Make Covid-19 Pandemic Longer and Worse
More than 1.2 million Americans have lost a close family member to COVID-19