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United States Condemns Attempts by PRC-Affiliated Actors to Steal American COVID-19 Research
Paraguay Independence Day
United States Publishes a Global Maritime Advisory to Counter Sanctions Evasion by Iran, North Korea, and Syria
Countries Certified as Not Cooperating Fully with U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts
Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Speaker of Knesset Gantz
Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Announces Design-Build Award for a U.S. Embassy Office Annex
Condemning Heinous Terrorist Attacks in Afghanistan Today
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Estonian Foreign Minister Reinsalu
North American Cooperation on COVID-19
Furthering Our Relationship With Israel
Transatlantic Cooperation on COVID-19
Indo-Pacific Cooperation on COVID-19
Virtual Presentations to U.S. and Japanese Industry Representatives
25th Anniversary of Extension of Non-Proliferation Treaty
Sea Turtle Conservation and Shrimp Imports to United States
Secretary Pompeo’s Videoconference with Partners on COVID-19
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Swiss Foreign Minister Cassis
Secretary Pompeo With Jim Daly of Focus on Family
Secretary Pompeo With Ben Shapiro of Ben Shapiro Show 9 May
Secretary Pompeo’s Travel to Israel
Message on 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba
On Occasion of Vesak Day
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi
Joint Statement on United States – Czech Republic Joint Declaration on 5G Security
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Czech Prime Minister Babiš
Secretary Pompeo With Lou Dobbs of Lou Dobbs Tonight
Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad Travels to Qatar, India, and Pakistan
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Kang
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Vietnamese DPM/FM Pham Binh Minh
Secretary Pompeo At a Press Availability 7 May
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov 7 May
Additional U.S. Foreign Assistance Builds Upon U.S. Leadership in Global COVID-19 Response
Designation of Ambassador Ronald J. Gidwitz as Acting Representative of United States to European Union
Congratulations to Department of State Employees Cecilia Coates, Thomas Debass
U.S. is Leading Response to COVID-19 Pandemic and Developing a Vaccine
Secretary Pompeo With Martha Raddatz of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos
Poland Constitution Day
Secretary Pompeo With Buck Sexton of Buck Sexton Show
Update: United States is Continuing to Lead Response to COVID-19
Republic of Marshall Islands National Day
Secretary Pompeo With Simon Conway of Newsradio 1040
Secretary Pompeo With Dan “Ox” Ochsner of Ox in Afternoons
Secretary Pompeo With Scott Sands of Scott Sands Show
Secretary Pompeo With Lars Larson of Lars Larson Show
United States Commends Germany for Banning Hizballah
U.S. Department of State Doing Its Part To Keep America Safe, Healthy, and Running During COVID-19 Pandemic