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Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater
Two-sided solar panels break efficiency records
Impacts of Climate Change on Our Water and Energy Systems: It’s Complicated
Researchers propose a framework for evaluating impacts of climate change on California’s water and energy systems
Separating specific nutrients from wastewater is getting closer and closer
Complex mystery of membranes
Desalination Breakthrough Could Lead to Cheaper Water Filtration
Recovering resources from wastewater streams supports circular economy
Top MIT research stories of 2020
World’s Strongest Nanomembrane for Transparent Masks
Silver lining of marine paints
South Australia’s Climate Change Action Plan launched
Thomas Davies grants to support advancements in marine, soil and plant biology
New microscope technique reveals details of droplet nucleation
Scientists Design New Framework for Clean Water
Tiny tubes come in big packages
NuScale Energy Exploration Center opens at Oregon State University
Official Launch of Seawater Resources Technology Research Center
Industrial-strength brine, meet your kryptonite
Mid-West RED Grants building regional industries
New Water Entity To Support Melbourne’s Growing West
CSIRO finds up to eight Sydney Harbours could be stored under Murray-Darling Basin
Developing New Coating Materials Could Protect Equipment in Space
Making water in Antarctic desert 21 October 2020
NSF renews Rice-based NEWT Center for water treatment
U.S. President Trump is Modernizing America’s Water Resource Management and Infrastructure
Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from “dry” air
Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from “dry” air
Nuclear Key to Clean Energy Transition – Conclusions of 2020 IAEA Scientific Forum
Going with flow for water purification
Call to use water wisely
OSU spinoff NuScale passes major regulatory milestone as feds sign off on reactors’ safety
Gaza hospitals brace for surging COVID-19 cases amidst bombing and severe electricity shortages, warns
Five British-Egyptian projects nominated for Newton Prize
Assessing Toowoomba Region’s water needs
Deadly science, canoe engineering, bush pharma, and more
Breakthrough technology purifies water using power of sunlight
Record infrastructure upgrades to support Rottnest Island’s growth
Nuclear Energy for Non-Electric Applications Key for Climate Change Mitigation
SA Govt must rule out cut to River Murray water allocation
Supporting emergency management governance on Norfolk Island
Discovery Will Allow More Sophisticated Work at Nanoscale
New membrane could cut emissions and energy use in oil refining
Desalination Plant to fire back up for critical works
Membrane Technology Could Cut Emissions and Energy Use in Oil Refining
Kangaroo Island builds back better with new desalination project
MIT research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline
Water, water everywhere – but not a ‘stop to think’