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Tourism boost for SA’s charter boat industry
WA’s strong future mapped out with 20-year vision unveiled
Readout of President Biden Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan
Lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes
Taking cues from nature, breakthrough ‘cellular fluidics’ technology could have sweeping impacts
Researchers worldwide find great value in ReaxFF reactive force field
Care for A Glass of Tel Aviv Air?
Harvesting drinking water from humidity around clock
Atmospheric water vapor in city of Tel Aviv is suitable for drinking
Woolworths supports Australia’s dairy farming innovators with more than $2 million in grants
Bring outdoors in: energy-efficient method for using 100% outdoor air in buildings
Green Hydrogen’s Time is Now
Researchers of Mainz University involved in federally funded seawater desalination project in Persian Gulf
Electrochemical cell harvests lithium from seawater
High-capacity Pseudocapacitive Electrodes by Valence Engineering Developed for Desalination
After bombing, Gaza struggles to restart power, water, hospitals, markets and fishing for its
Ceasefire can’t hide scale of destruction in Gaza, UN warns, as rights experts call for ICC probe
UN experts welcome ceasefire, call for ICC probe: Gaza
Advancing water security across South Australia
Breakthrough in reverse osmosis may lead to most energy-efficient seawater desalination ever
3 Questions: Nadia Chrisitidi on arts and future of water
Scaling down Ionic Transistors to ultimate limit
How overt masculinity dominates Australia’s relationship with water
Analytics platform for coastal desalination plants wins 2021 Water Innovation Prize
Using mechanics for cleaner membranes
Wastewater treatment system recovers electricity, filters water
Innovations in water accessibility
Improved Desalination Process Also Removes Toxic Metals to Produce Clean Water
How to get salt out of water: Make it self-eject
Seeking enhanced materials for nuclear reactors
Identification of wettability of graphene layers at molecular level
Structure Regulation Improves Performance of Polyamide Composite Membranes
Improved desalination process also removes toxic metals to produce clean water
Sunlight to solve world’s clean water crisis
Desalination Order To Secure Our Water Supply For 2021
Kashif Nawaz: Redesigning building equipment for carbon capture and beyond
HSF advises lenders to Yanbu 4 IWP, Saudi Arabia
Nanotechnology innovation in water recycling could significantly reduce industrial use of freshwater
Macquarie Capital and AVAIO Capital partner on Development of Antwerp Desalination Plant
Graphene Oxide Membranes Could Reduce Paper Industry Energy Costs
Watersmart Farms funding to drive on-farm desalination
New Catalyst Moves Seawater Desalination, Hydrogen Production Closer to Commercialization
Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater
Two-sided solar panels break efficiency records
Impacts of Climate Change on Our Water and Energy Systems: It’s Complicated
Researchers propose a framework for evaluating impacts of climate change on California’s water and energy systems
Separating specific nutrients from wastewater is getting closer and closer
Complex mystery of membranes