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Pinpointing effects of nanoconfinement on water
Researchers design a more efficient and affordable desalination process
UNIST to Sign Cooperation MoU with KIOST and North Gyeongsang Province
Oxfam responds to devastation in wake of Cyclone Amphan
Membrane nanopore transport gets picky
‘Crisis on top of crisis’ as India and Bangladesh brace for Cyclone Amphan – Oxfam
Request for tender for deployed infrastructure to support ADF while on operations
Minister for Defence & Minister for Defence Industry – Request for tender for deployed
Desalination Plant Securing Our Water Supply
Preserving our water resources in a changing climate – industry and government tackle threat
U.S.-Israel consortium launches $21.4 million initiative to develop water-energy technologies
Federal Government urged to convert Aurora Australis to emergency response role following final
Fed Gov urged to convert Aurora Australis to emergency response role following final voyage
New carbon membrane generates a hundred times more power
When Sea Becomes Saviour – Why Australia Needs an Emergency Response Vessel
Canberra: Former crew urge politicians to convert Aurora Australis to emergency response vessel
Rains buy time to ditch new desalination and plan smarter
Device mimics mangrove’s water-purifying power
Sunshine Coast dams send water south
Lab-made proteins mimic cellular gatekeepers
NSW changes course of Basin Plan and puts regional communities first
Basin jurisdictions remain committed to Plan
Could level 2 water restrictions drive up prices?
Fighting drought with Water for Fodder
Water recycling needed but high fixed charges mean many Sydney households are still paying for water
New Hybrid Device Can Both Capture and Store Solar Energy
On-farm water planning avoids a dry argument
Freshening up contaminated water
Increasing water storage for Davis station
Expansion plans for desalination plant amid rapidly falling water levels