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New survey illustrates challenges linked to healthcare environmental hygiene in facilities worldwide
“Seeking truth” as foundation and “pursuing innovation” as soul
Low stroke risk in patients with very narrowed neck arteries
Lifestyle changes, meds effective to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes; no change in CVD
NIEHS director visits to discuss environmental health concerns
Intentions to receive vaccines are associated with intensity of pandemic waves and toughness of anti-pandemic measures A “rising
There’s more to health than hospital beds: Australia needs Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
Interprofessional collaboration leads to significant and sustained reduction
Glycemic index may be counterproductive to helping Americans adopt healthier diets
“One-size-fits-all” flawed for assessing cardiovascular disease risk among Asian Americans
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Accumulation of amyloid-beta and tau proteins can disrupt brain connectivity years before Alzheimer
Surprising risk factors may predict heart attacks in young women
Ottawa and Québec provide $500,000 in financial assistance for Laval University
UK Health Security Agency signs agreement with Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
Research yields novel insights into DNA-protein connection, paving way for researchers to target new treatments
Brain connectivity changes revealed in individuals with pre-clinical Alzheimer’s
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy affect 1 in 7 hospital deliveries
Research finds barriers to successful bloodstream infection surveillance in home healthcare settings
New study finds childhood abuse linked to higher risk for high cholesterol as an adult
Ethicists appeal for more global Covid care model
Labor Will Strengthen First Nations Health
Covid vaccine protection against hospitalization wanes
Data from new CDC study reveal key trends in US healthcare personnel Covid exposures
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis works but needs regular testing
National Koala Recovery Plan released
ACC, AHA, HFSA issue heart failure guideline
Research suggests increased flu vaccination among U.S. home healthcare workers could reduce patient illness and hospitalization
Indonesia Initiates Global Health Protocol Standards and Equalization of Digital Covid Vaccine Certificates
Eating two servings of avocados week linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease
2022 Budget deserves an F
Why Are We So Ashamed of Mental Illness? This Psychiatrist Is Determined to End Stigma
Triple European grant success for University of York academics
Researchers develop coated probiotics that could be effectively delivered into human gut
Best statins for reducing cardiovascular risk in people with diabetes found
Research supports shortened quarantine period among asymptomatic health care professionals exposed to Covid
Declining death rates in people with type 1 diabetes
100g of cranberries day improves cardiovascular health
AVA 2022 Federal Election Platform – Help get message out
Canada supports physical activity through active transportation for newcomers arriving to Canada
Coronavirus may double severe complications in pregnancy
Stress can cause heart attacks. Could tackling workplace bullying save lives?
U.S. Adult Tobacco Product Use Decreased from 2019 to 2020
Research reveals aerosolized hydrogen peroxide can significantly reduce C. difficile infections
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in recommended screenings
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in cancer screenings
Approximately 2.55 Million Students Reported Currently Using Tobacco Product in 2021
Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Australian Farming