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Healthy Microbiome May Prevent Deadly Infections in Critically Ill
White-Tailed Deer Blood Kills Bacteria Causing Lyme Disease
Research Reveals Risk Factors for Surgical Site Infection
Report: Adult Vaccination
Healing powers of brain on art
Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommend Plant Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
Europe Races to End Tuberculosis Epidemic
Court Ruling Could Lead to 2K+ HIV Infections in Year
Europe to Miss TB Target by 2030: SDG
AI Predicts Dengue Outbreaks with Remote Sensing Data
Women at UK Champion Cultural Understanding in Healthcare
Universities, Hospitals to Explore Healthier Living
For clues to healthy brain aging, look to Bolivian Amazon
Vaping Products: Calls for Ban on Direct Sales
Lower Risk of Hospital Admission Linked to Paxlovid
Fish resists Vibrio with help of TARL, stabilizing TAK1
Clinicians Identify Barriers to Hand Hygiene: AJIC Study
Kids at Risk of Hypertension from Being Overweight
Coronary Calcium Scoring Guides Statin Therapy, Cost-Effective
Genetics and socioeconomics impact type 2 diabetes and obesity risk
UCL Academic Heads UK Taskforce on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
UK Government to consider radical new approach to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular disease
MOXIE cuts CV events in high-risk chronic disease patients
Conservation and collaboration for World Wildlife Day
Research: EHR Interventions Reduce Unnecessary Urine Cultures in Hospitals
Urge to Protect Health of Refugees, Migrants: Countries
Scientists Key to Updating US Dietary Guidelines
Mid-Life Relationships Linked to Lower Risk of Chronic Disease
Schools Help Combat Childhood Obesity with Physical Activity Program
Lower Risk of Chronic Illnesses in Older Age Linked to Good Midlife Relationships
Women with Strong Relationships Have Fewer Health Issues
Canada Funds PEI for Healthier Living in Priority Populations
Food insecurity may increase cognitive decline in older adults
Older Adults At Risk of Cognitive Decline Due to Food Insecurity
Far West NSW Has Worse Life Expectancy, Suicide Rate & Avoidable Death than Sydney
CDC Helping to Show Bigger Picture of Chronic Disease Prevention
Australia is sleepwalking into chronic disease nightmare
Medicare Report Welcomed, Action Needed to Aid GP’s
Steering Group Adds Members With Manufacturing & Sustainability Skills
Aussies Reveal Health Priorities: New Study
Europe Preps for Next Pandemic: Forming Health Union
Finger on pulse: Research that tackles worlds biggest health problems
Increased Cancer Risks for Type 2 Diabetics – UK Study
$1.8M for Concordia Research on Disease Prevention & Behaviour Change
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
Weight Loss: Lower Calories May Beat Intermittent Fasting
Clean Hospitals Cut Antibiotic Resistance, Save Lives
Insects as sustainable animal feed: real alternative?