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Group genomics drive aggression in honey bees
Why it’s no last orders for Tequila bat: DNA helps conservation of elusive bat
‘Pregnancy test for water’ delivers fast, easy results on water quality
St. Jude researchers create an analytic tool that opens a new frontier of cancer discovery
New study reveals rarity of Spirit Bear and gaps in their protection in Great Bear Rainforest
New MBA course maximises data to drive post-COVID strategy
CHOP-Pioneered Spatial Mapping Method Pinpoints Potential New Therapeutic Targets in Lupus
From stem cells to neurons
Discovery of new disease-susceptibility gene for steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
Smithsonian: UC finds pollution in ancient Maya city
AFMC launches Spark Tank competition
Researchers find more precise way to target tumours with anti-cancer drugs
Trailblazing study discovers novel genetic causes of rare diseases
First COVID-19 vaccine trial starts in Adelaide
Unravelling epigenetic reprogramming
A mosquito species new to Finland discovered which potentially could transmit malaria
Tiny mineral particles are better vehicles for promising gene therapy
Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing
Epigenetics researcher Yang Shi appointed Member of Ludwig Oxford
Making invisible, visible
Bubbling and burping droplets of DNA
A histone modifier that facilitates an epigenetic switch
Engineers use “DNA origami” to identify vaccine design rules
Andrea Ablasser wins Leenaards Foundation’s 2020 Science Prize
Tailoring Polymer Dispersity for any Material Class possible via Controlled Radical Polymerization
Scientists examine impact of a very specific defect in DNA replication
CSAIL robot disinfects Greater Boston Food Bank
How cancer drugs find their targets
Five things you probably didn’t know about Human Genome Project
Tiny protein has a big impact on health and longevity
Scott Watson’s convictions to be referred to Court of Appeal
Ground-breaking research uncovers genetic causes of rare diseases
X-rays size up protein structure at ‘heart’ of COVID-19 virus
Researcher to test whether COVID-19 antibodies provide long-term immunity
Lab technologies help fight COVID-19
New approach drives bacteria to produce potential antibiotic, antiparasitic compounds
Adult cancer drug could lead to more effective treatment for high-risk childhood neuroblastoma
Effects from low-level concentrations of harmful chemicals preserved through three generations of fish
New research could stop malaria in its tracks
Cancer study shows cause of complex mutations
Silencing SARS-CoV-2 receptor with epigenetic modifications
Areas of coral diversity identified for conservation in Australia’s North West
Blood cell mutations linked to leukemias are inevitable as we age
New treatment method for Alport Syndrome uses antisense oligonucleotides
Shy species detected through new DNA technique
FAMU and FSU researchers land $500K NSF grant for bio-adhesive study
Genomes front and centre of rare disease diagnosis
Unpicking complexity of DNA mutations