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COVID-19 Variant B.1.1.7 Found in Southeast Pennsylvania
Researchers Find NTRK Fusions More Common than Expected in Pediatric Tumors
DNA test can quickly identify pneumonia in patients with severe COVID-19, aiding faster treatment
Why cancer cells waste so much energy
Research weeds out problems for Coast beach dunes
How circadian clock regulates liver genes in time and space
Scientists find new mechanism of cancer formation
A mission to conquer tuberculosis and sleeping sickness in developing nations
Frog skin under microscope to help understand animal health
Cancer Microbiome Reveals Which Bacteria Live in Tumors
Scientists are a step closer to developing ‘smart’ stem cells – and they’re made from human fat
CHOP and Penn Researchers Identify Nanoparticles that Could Be Used in Therapeutic mRNA Delivery before Birth
MSN: Mother’s stress levels during pregnancy could increase risk of illness in children
Dire Wolves: not just a Game of Thrones’ fantasy – a fearsome distinct, but extinct, canine
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones dire wolves
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves
Dire wolf was a distinct species, different from gray wolf, biologists discover
Blood test shows promise for early detection of acute heart transplant rejection
Scientists developing Covid-19 vaccine nasal spray
Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals
How do I become an Arborist?
UM171: molecule that keeps on giving
Researchers discover one of our cellular building blocks acts as a gel, not liquid as previously believed
Plant biologists reveal genetic patterns in maize development
Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
Scientist Develops Method To Find Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water
Gene-editing produces tenfold increase in superbug slaying antibiotics
DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish
Cannabidiol use during pregnancy affects brain and behavior in adulthood
Further Steps to Complete KIT Merger – Law Presented to State Parliament
St. Jude researchers develop tool to ‘paint’ cancer genome and reveal tumor secrets
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture lets scientists create ‘living materials’
Genetic material packaged inside cells is more solid than liquid
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture let scientists create ‘living materials’
Researchers Identify Protein that Restricts Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
Scientists create ‘living materials’ using kombucha-inspired microbial mixture
Study: Can a mother’s stress impact children’s disease development?
Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism
How NeCEN helped develop Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
NIST Publishes a Beginner’s Guide to DNA Origami
Single-dose COVID-19 vaccine triggers antibody response in mice
Rare quadruple-helix DNA found in living human cells with glowing probes
Researchers find new mechanism underlying male infertility
Study reveals new details about how bacterial toxins cause life-threatening colitis
Beyond changing DNA, mutagens also cause errors in gene transcription
Researcher studying disease-causing fungus in Carlsbad bats
High-speed atomic force microscopy visualizes cell protein factories