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Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Pediatric cancers share stalled gene-managing enzyme
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NIH-funded center to study nucleome in time and space
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Labor keen to talk about their ‘shack tax’ again
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Clues to Brain Development and Disease Emerge from 3D Epigenome Study
Seeing evolution happening before your eyes
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Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2020 presented in life sciences for first time
NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, Crewmates Arrive Safely at Space Station
Study finds new gene that causes bone cancer
Academy Fellows elected to Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
Researchers identify mechanism behind bone marrow failure in Fanconi anaemia
Cataloguing rice collection for crop improvement
Maths model key to aerial detection system
New 3-D model of a DNA-regulating complex in human cells provides cancer clues
Technique recovers lost single-cell RNA-sequencing information
Enhanced common blood test could predict adverse outcomes in pregnancy, study suggests
Anglo-Indonesian scientific alliance meets at University of Nottingham ahead of ministerial visit to UK
Combination Therapy against Cancer
Families and researchers work together to shed light on stillbirth and perinatal death
Impact grants propel novel research
Wheat researchers progress quest for better adapted cultivars
Future biosensor for continuous monitoring using molecular look-alikes
Forensic Science Regulator honoured with CBE
For when chips are down – preserving UK soil microbial biodiversity for sustainable agriculture
New discovery could help improve cancer vaccines
New studies identify risk factors associated with alcohol-related cirrhosis
Moles: intersexual and genetically doped
DNA Test Identifies Genetic Causes of Severe Fetal and Newborn Illness
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