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Detecting fish, mammals, and birds from single sample
King’s leads world’s largest trial of cancer blood test
Abnormal DNA methylation found in lead-exposed dogs, genomic study shows
Proteins can help each other bind to DNA
Research finds that immune cells cooperate to trap and kill bacteria
UNC Researchers Awarded $9.25 Million to Study DNA Variance Related to Disease
Gut flora composition and function may impact susceptibility to konzo, neurological disease caused by world staple crop cassava
Successful mapping raises hope of reintroducing eastern quoll to mainland Australia
How much does DNA extraction route impact results of microbiome research?
Further appeal for information over Operation Dallington, 2008 death of Mellory Manning
FDA-approved drugs reduced SARS-CoV-2 infection in lab
Major international study reports impact of genetics on epigenetic factors
NIH providing $185 million for research to advance understanding of how human genome functions
Off-target immune response could predict Covid severity
Four Cambridge researchers recognised in 2022 Breakthrough Prizes
NIH-funded mouse study shows blocking stress response could slow axonal peripheral neuropathies disease progression
Flystrike Vaccine Research Update September 2021
Record Police funding to keep Western Australians safe
Newly developed software unveils relationships between RNA modifications and cancers
NIH grant aims to reveal how smoking causes disease
Gene Self-Correction in ‘Chromosome Caps’ Can Beat Mutations, Help Prevent Blood Cancers
Novel tool counts T cells quickly helping predict patient response to cancer therapy
Researchers grow miniature brains that mimic major pathological features of Parkinson’s disease
Experimentally reconstructing reorganization of chromosomal DNA during mitosis
Suncorp Stadium to host NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final
New Study Reveals Relationship Between Mitochondrial Processes and Apoptosis
Researchers secure significant Endeavour funding
Ancient marsupial ‘junk DNA’ might be useful after all, scientists say
Males need not apply
Transatlantic slave trade introduced novel pathogenic viruses in Americas
Scientists discover two new species and new genus of freshwater mussels in Borneo
European hoverfly species information to be gathered in EU funded project
Ten University of Canterbury research projects gain MBIE funding
Five University of Adelaide researchers awarded Tall Poppies
Koala killer being passed to joeys from mum
DNA left behind without touch
NIH study illuminates origins of lung cancer in never smokers
Telomere dysfunction and chromosome instability in cancer cells
On Outskirts of Nucleus
History of insects living on open ocean tracked with history of currents they ride
Engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR genome editing system developed
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on August Jobs Report
Safer radiation for medical procedures
Molecular detective in pursuit to discover mysteries of drug-resistant bacterial pathogens
Researchers develop an engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR genome editing system
Pop-Up University returns to bring University of Sheffield research to public
Superstar of STEM steps up to save rare truffle-snuffling Gilbert’s potoroo
Cancer treatment: where DNA, stem cells and cell immortality meet