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Researchers solve long-standing biological search problem
Biomedical engineers demonstrate potential for first clinically successful osteoarthritis drug
Liquid biopsies may aid diagnosis, treatment of bladder, nerve tumors
Do genetics control who our friends are? It seems so with mice
Food Labels Leaving You Lost in Supermarket? This Game Can Help
Wild radishes and their offspring keep hungry caterpillars at bay using ‘on-demand’ anti-predator gene expression
Doubling number of species of hand-standing spotted skunks
A cocoa bean’s “fingerprint” could help trace chocolate bars back to their farm of origin, reveals a new study
Cocoa bean’s ‘fingerprint’ could help trace chocolate bars back to their farm of origin, reveals new study
In common genetic disorder, blood test reveals when benign tumors turn cancerous
In common genetic disorder, blood test finds when benign tumors turn cancerous
Highlighting new innovations in early cancer detection
New mechanism preventing toxic DNA lesions opens up therapeutic avenues for Huntington’s disease
Guilty plea for misleading information on NVD forms
Scientists develop all-in-one test for avoidance of de novo genetic disease in embryos
Invisible, devastating and sustaining: Research explores mysterious microfungi
How small protein helps flowers to develop right and on time
How to produce proteins at right speed
How to produce proteins at right speed
Tracking genetically modified animals
Laboratory Test Aimed at Distinguishing Breast Cancer from Benign Tumors
Modulating cancer cell responses during drug-induced senescence
Alleged machete-wielding offender tripped up by SAPOL technology
Investigation into 1990 Ballarat sexual assault continues
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative supports research in childhood diseases
Disabling PI3K/Akt/mTOR survival pathway and inducing apoptosis
Protecting future: how plant stem cells guard against genetic damage
Yale-NUS to be merged into new college in 2025
Comparing pathogen numbers in backyard and commercial composts
Research finds 579 genetic locations linked to anti-social behavior, alcohol use, opioid addiction and more
Playing with proteins
City of Hope study suggests adding drug berzosertib to standard treatment for metastatic bladder cancer does not benefit patients
Uncovering botanical history of Guadalupe Mountains
King’s researchers shortlisted in national science image competition
Identified 64 DNA variants that increase risk of bipolar disorder
MOGONET provides more holistic view of biological processes underlying disease
First ancient human DNA from islands between Asia and Australia
Genetic cause of endometriosis IDed, potential drug target revealed
Scientists identify genetic cause of endometriosis and reveal potential drug target
Converting skin cells to immature muscle cells spurs changes, study finds
FIU researcher leads acoustic research efforts to estimate fish populations in Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic
Oldest Genome from Wallacea Shows Previously Unknown Ancient Human Relations
‘Nanopore-tal’ enables cells to talk to computers
Weill Cornell awarded $28.5M grant to lead HIV cure research
Exposure to sunlight enhances romantic passion in humans
Researchers Identify Pathogens Infecting Cannabis Plants in CT
Newly established center to yield better understanding of how human genome functions as whole
Engineering new cell functionalities on thin films