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Nation’s most sustainable property portfolios recognised by NABERS
Researchers Create First Portable Tech For Detecting Cyanotoxins In Water
IIGF Honored with Asia’s “PPP Agency of Year 2019”
PFAS Ground Water Contamination in West Bullsbrook
Ancient intervention could boost dwindling water reserves in coastal Peru
Geneva Palais briefing note on situation for children in North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon
Cancellation of Boil Water Alert for Bulla
UNSW water treatment and robotics research to benefit from Chinese industry commitment
$18,000 in fines for rogue rubbish removalists
Precautionary Advice for Drinking Water: Bulla Community
UNSW Galleries offers perspectives on Australian landscapes
Eco buildings program to create UK business opportunities
Iowa State researchers studying slow-release fertilizer to feed crops, improve water quality
1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water – UNICEF, WHO
New research finds clear and green way to filter contaminants from water
PhD students awarded J-WAFS fellowships for water solutions
Winter water works carried out in stages to ensure supply
HKU scientists invent efficient nanofibrous membrane to filter heavy metals and bacteria
Water Grid in action as North Pine goes offline
Airservices results of PFAS investigation at Launceston Airport
New card system for free bulk water
Changes to Kempsey Shire water supply source
Breakthrough new research finds clean and green way to filter contaminants from water
Major breakthrough to help clean up toxic PFAS pollution
Monthly progress update through May 2019 on long-term drinking water advisories on public
Everybody needs good NABERS
Desalinating water in a greener and more economical way
Achieving Better Outcomes for First Nations through Infrastructure Investments
J-WAFS announces seven new seed grants
Being Refreshed Is Not Same As Being Hydrated
Australian plumbing industry to benefit from a grant to boost small business digital
Securing Victoria’s Water For Communities And Farmers
Nine News Hires Gary Adshead
WA leading way with permanent winter sprinkler switch-off
Diabetes Australia unveils new dental health information page
Nine News Hires Gary Adshad
Somerset Dam fires up for renewable energy
Ottawa and Quebec award over $1 million to Montagne du Diable Regional Park
Canada and Saskatchewan support water and wastewater infrastructure improvements
Junior football partnership to tackle unhealthy eating
Finding value in nature and ensuring green growth
Extra $811k to secure Bourke and Louth drinking water
Extra $811k to secure Bourke and Louth drinking water
Gardner Denver Serving Diverse End Markets by Offering a Broad Range of Mission-Critical
Find your calling this National Volunteer Week
Canada helps protect Town of Aurora and York Region from flooding
3Q: Hal Abelson on empowering kids through mobile technology
Government must revoke mining approvals in Sydney’s water catchment