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State Government launches NSW into global realm with smart electric vehicle reforms
Constance correct: electric vehicles set to deliver huge boost to NSW
New Victorian target and subsidies for EVs could help push Australia back toward global pack
Perrottet demonstrates nuanced approach to EV taxation issue, paves way for NSW to seize EV benefits
Brunswick electric vehicle hub leading charge in EV uptake
Victorian Government must listen to community recommendations on EVs
Labor’s national electric vehicle plan would help Australia catch up to global pack
Victoria’s parliament must reject Pallas’s tax on not polluting or risk getting lapped by NSW
New electric car sales figures show Australia stalled with hazards flashing
New trial prepares electricity grid for electric vehicles
Incentives for electric vehicles make sense to Biden, Boris, and OECD – but Taylor apparently knows better
Victorian voters reject Andrews Government’s proposed tax on electric vehicles
GM’s all-electric announcement proves Australian pollies have been Holden us back
Electric vehicle charging stations spark change at South Melbourne Market
Statement regarding leaked draft of Australia’s electric car strategy
States’ choice: Abandon electric car taxes? Or abandon 2050 zero emission target?
Victoria takes slow lane to future with new electric vehicle tax
Driving into future – experts set to gather for Australia’s biggest ever EV event
Perrottet’s tax idea would seal NSW’s fate as dirty car capital of world
SA Labor shows way with clear opposition to bizarre electric vehicle tax
SA becomes only jurisdiction on planet to disincentivise electric vehicles with tax
SA Government leads way with smart electric vehicle investment
Electric vehicle tax myth busted by new EY analysis
Gov’s plan to offer business grants for electric vehicles will help electrify Australia’s used car market
Australia’s government grants will help electrify used car market
Electric vehicles charge hopes of regional Victorian recovery
New report reveals we’re revving to embrace electric vehicles, but government is applying handbrake
Australian auto industry’s voluntary CO2 shift shows it’s time for government to get moving
Proposed new tax on EVs would put wheel clamp on NSW’s clean future
NSW Government shows real leadership with EV incentives in Net Zero Plan
What makes electric vehicle owners tick?
Huge jump in Aussie EV sales underscores massive untapped potential
Applying an extra tax on EVs would make Australia a global laughing stock
New digital platform for fleet managers set to drive mass switch to EVs
ACCC’s sloppy logic on electric vehicles fails to consider health costs
Real cost would come from ignoring emissions standards, and would be paid by Australian drivers
Angus Taylor’s ‘housing tax’ accusation on EVs a laughable lie
ALP announces Electric Vehicle Policy