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Man sentenced for illegally possessing wildlife
Canada continues to strengthen measures to protect Southern Resident killer whales
Discrepancies in official trade data suggest illegal international trade in endangered hammerhead shark fins
Conservationists may be unintentionally spreading pathogens between threatened animal populations
Walls of death: fisheries threaten livelihoods in Indian Ocean, report reveals
National Parks in NSW – trophy cabinets of LNP
ACF statement on passing of Prince Philip
Researchers and others illuminate long-standing mystery of sea turtles’ epic migrations
Ever wondered what red foxes eat? There’s a database for that
Up River and S.E.E: at Gallery
Leading American researcher and DKK 350 million will take Danish artificial intelligence research to new heights
Rising carbon emissions (probably) won’t make Earth uninhabitable
Scientists awarded NWO ENW-KLEIN subsidy for innovative research
Unique macro-vertebrate at risk from blood sport and climate change
Endangered vulture mortality highest in southeastern Europe, largely from human-causes
Easter surprise for endangered frog
A tale of two forests could reveal path forward for saving endangered lemurs
Perth Canyon protection likely to save endangered species
Coastal lupine faces specific extinction threat from climate change
Ocean’s mammals at crucial crossroads
New insights into close encounters between albatross and fishing vessels could reduce bycatch risk
Environment Protection Authority
Bald Eagle count quadruples, thanks in part to eBird data boost
Securing future of Mongarlowe Mallee
New book studies intersection of psychology, environmental law
New technologies, new responsibilities
Turtles trapped and killed in gillnet set in Mackay Net-Free Zone
NSWs endangered frogs leap into World Frog Day limelight
Endangered red wolf from Washington zoo receives novel operation at OSU veterinary hospital
Treaties Committee reports on endangered species trade changes
Unknown, unloved and in strife – Aussie battler sharks and rays fished to brink of extinction
There are more shark and ray species in cold seas of Russia
Weakened protections led to more disappearances of endangered Mexican wolves
Tracing and controlling High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza
Machines can’t invent, says law, but at what cost to progress?
UK’s world-leading ivory ban moves step closer
A manatee with ‘TRUMP’ scraped into its back was itself disturbing
Southampton campuses awarded hedgehog friendly status
British Columbia-based import company ordered to pay $163,776 fine for illegally importing European eel meat
International Youth Art Contest Announces Ka Yi Siu of Hong Kong SAR, China as 2021 Winner
Supporting recovery of Adelaide Hills wildlife
Protect forests, support forest communities, Guterres urges, marking World Wildlife Day
Detection dogs effectively find rare animals and plants, providing important data for science and conservation
Public Exhibition of Planning Proposal – Jacaranda Development, Glossodia
Infectious disease causes long-term changes in a frog’s microbiome
Council joins fight to protect vulnerable platypus
Canada and British Columbia launch development of a new Nature Agreement
Wildlife regulation, ‘one health’ keys to avert more pandemics