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Tuatara are ancient, slow and endangered
Climate change risk to emperor penguins
One of world’s rarest chameleons found clinging to survival
Supporting local QLD community groups and charities
Sentence for reptile smuggler
New finning report reveals Australia’s participation in unsustainable, global shark fin trade
Tags to track and preserve Mary River turtles
Wild dogs left with nowhere to hide following coordinated baiting program
Canada making significant progress and investments to protect Canada’s oceans
REPI Challenge yields more than $24M for AF installations
Why scientists need your help to spot blue whales off Australia’s east coast
Removal of barred owls slows decline of iconic spotted owls in Pacific Northwest, study finds
Breakthrough for kākāpō hatching could be in genes
Salonga National Park removed from List of World Heritage in Danger
UK Government seeks views on extending world-leading ivory ban to protect hippos, walruses and narwhals
Sperm migration in genital tract – computer simulations identify key factors for reproductive success
CBSA seizes eight undeclared firearms, and endangered goods in West Coast & Yukon District
Griffith launches Australia’s first marine wildlife cell bank
Endangered bird has most successful breeding season in over 20 years
New system for tracking macaws emphasizes species’ conservation needs
Scientist to testify to U.S. congressional panel on salmon-killing tire chemical
Nepean River Open Space project confirmed
UCLA’s ecosystem health report card gives L.A. County C+
HKU ecologists develop a novel forensic tool for detecting laundering of critically endangered cockatoos
Hunting and hidden deaths led to estimated 30% reduction in Wisconsin’s wolf population
UNM biologists use genomic sequencing to inform preservation efforts for Gila trout
Grizzly Bear Recovery Topic of UW’s Harlow Summer Seminars in Jackson July 8
Conservation concern as alien aphid detected on Kangaroo Island
Conservation aquaculture could bring more native oysters to plates and estuaries along west coast
Tour Duke Research Greenhouse
Biodiversity ‘hotspots’ imperiled along California’s streams
New home for chilling seizures of illicit wildlife trade
Research highlights how to reduce ecological impact of rural roads
ACCLIMATISE: A festival exploring how we can adapt to a changing climate
Antelope’s fate shrouded by social, political forces
Learning How Salt Marsh Plants May Signal Carbon Capture Capacity
Poaching affects behavior of endangered capuchin monkeys in Brazilian biological reserve
1,000th hazel dormouse reintroduced to UK
Are zoos inadvertently complicit in wildlife trade? case of a rare Borneo lizard
What factors put Philippine birds at risk of extinction?
Algorithm reveals mysterious foraging habits of narwhals
‘Live fast, die young’ cycle threatening California’s ecosystems
U contributes to first-ever nationwide mammal survey
Pollutant concentration increases in franciscana dolphin, one of most threatened species worldwide
Endangered blue whales recorded off southwest coast of India
SNAPSHOT USA: First-ever nationwide mammal survey published
Funding for healthier environments and communities
Private land conservation could be key to meeting Biden’s 2030 environmental goals