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Curriculum overhaul powers into 2021
A call to writers for Okanagan Short Story Contest submissions
Council brings inclusive play to local parks
Are you fire ready?
Indigenous language materials support online learning
Medieval Far North needs Indigenous perspectives, argues Concordia researcher
Mothers, but not fathers, with multiple children report more fragmented sleep
DTU-president visits ‘corona engine room’
Take a digital plunge into ancient stories
Australia’s Sam Kerr, Caitlin Foord, Ellie Carpenter and Riley McGree nominated for AFC awards
BAME parliamentary candidates not picked to fight ‘winnable seats’
UO and partners work to improve education for English learners
Child marriage is legal and persists across Canada
Missing man Gholam
COVID-19 translated information
‘An unwanted prison sentence’ for seafarers stuck at home and stranded at sea
Call for Papers – Islam and Evolution
WSU announces Visiting Writers Schedule for spring 2021
Preferred candidate for Chief Inspector of HMCPSI announced
Tampon tax abolished from today
Changes to demersal trawl selectivity measures in Celtic Sea
Lieutenants at DLIELC first women in Chad Air Force to become pilots
TSU invites you to economics online winter school
Supporting Queensland’s future interpreters
British-Croatian Fellowship Programme Climate Change and COP26
UBCO experts offer tips to help make this Christmas worth remembering
Record numbers of doctors and nurses working in NHS
“Alternative facts” named Worst Words of Decade
New online hub supports lifelong learning
850+ community voices to help shape COVID-19 recovery effort
Post-Christmas work to activate Operation Brock
Gateway artworks embrace cultural diversity
Early English drama resources offer insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
Early English drama resources reveal insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
North south divide, not age, linked to hearing loss
Accessible booklet about current biobased plastics situation
UNESCO’s Inscription of Couscous Traditions, an Example of International Cultural Cooperation
New use for an old drug: How does ketamine combat depression?
Study highlights stark inequality in survival after cardiac surgery between paying and NHS patients
When dinosaurs disappeared, forests thrived
England’s deprivation divide on opioid prescribing revealed
What does contagious laughter sound like?
African families in UK are ‘parenting in fear’
Melbourne City FC to move into Casey Fields
Making a meal of it? A wartime view of pub restrictions
COVID misery burns through billions in life satisfaction
New Study Tests Machine Learning on Detection of Borrowed Words in World Languages
Prehistoric ‘Sea Dragon’ Discovered on English Channel Coast Is Identified as a New Species