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Scientists program cells to carry out gene-guided construction projects
COVID-19 limits on dispensing and sales at pharmacies
Novel treatments with potential to prevent and cure gonorrhoea in women
Mouse trial shows gene therapy potential for treating childhood brain disorder
Novel disinhibitory circuit identified for regulation of seizure in TLE
Faster access to cannabis-based medicines as import restrictions are changed
Magnet-controlled bioelectronic implant could relieve pain
Backing Our World-Class Medical Researchers
A non-invasive nanosensor developed for real-time monitoring of neuronal activities
Mothers on antiepileptic medication can safely breastfeed
Keck Foundation grant will help scientists see small proteins
Lifetime suicide risk factors identified
Peptide reduced epileptic seizures in human brain tissue
Minister must launch inquiry into PHARMAC decision
Ketogenic diet protects fruit fly brains from concussions
Medsafe Reinforces Advice on Lamotrigine
Ministerial inquiry into PHARMAC decision needed
Study Provides Insights on Effects of Cannabidiol on Severe Form of Epilepsy
Missing 66-year-old woman Carol Ann Smith
Researchers discover new genetic brain disease
Electrodes to study how our brain recognises objects
Study to explore ethics of deep brain stimulation in kids
Epilepsy surgery: earlier better, overview study shows
Missing man Terry Arhontogiorgis
Exploring genetic “dark matter,” researchers gain new insights into autism and stroke
We need national debate on rare diseases to offer best possible care
Physicians receiving industry money are more likely to prescribe brand-name drugs
Study: More Pharma Money, More Gabapentin
Mechanism of scorpion toxin inhibition of K+ channel elucidated using high-speed AFM
Low-income countries have low levels of epilepsy treatment
Understanding brain activity when you name what you see
Cannabidiol is a Powerful New Antibiotic
Sudden Death in Epilepsy and Breathing Troubles Linked to Bad Gene
Australia launches helpline for people living with epilepsy
Monash at frontier of health innovation
Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil
Inducing seizures to stop seizures
Lecture and book to honor Helen Neville’s brain research
Liberals and Greens have failed vulnerable Tasmanians
Police seek help to locate Robert Sims at Lake Macquarie
Search continues for missing man at Lake Macquarie