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Neuro-chip to manage brain disorders
Even simple motions make ripples across brain, study finds
Personalized Brain Modeling for Clinical Epilepsy Trial Breakthroughs
UK & Hebrew U Join Forces to Uncover Brain Power
Regional Cortical Channels for Brain Communication
Brain Activity Decoded to Create Speech Prosthesis
Neurons Linked to Altered Consciousness in ‘Absence’ Epilepsy
New molecular insights on medical cannabis
To Identify Voice, Brains Rely on Sight
Dynorphin Shields Neurons from Alzheimer’s-Causing β-Amyloid
Neurons Protected from Alzheimer’s by Big Dynorphin
Risk of Neurodevelopmental Issues in Kids Linked to Diabetes During Pregnancy
Epilepsy May Impair Memory: Study Finds
MHRA Valproate Review: Safety Update
Researchers Discover Genetic Variant Associated with Earlier Onset Childhood Epilepsy
Optically Analyzing Local Brain Environment: Astrocytes’ Acid Response in Epileptic Mice
12,000 people in UK become unpaid carers every day
Dramatic roadside delivery for newborn twins in Queensland
How we experience pain of other people?
Gene therapy targeting overactive brain cells could treat neurological disorders
New on-demand and cell-autonomous gene therapy strategy stops seizures
NIH study in mice provides insight into how brain activity is fine-tuned
Wiley and ACEP Launch Career Resource Center to Over 38,000 Emergency Physicians
Study looks inside brain during sleep to show how memory is stored
Discovery gives insight into brain function, breakdowns
High-tech imaging focuses on oxygen metabolism in newborn brain
Researchers Nanoprint Electrodes for Customized Treatments of Disease
MIND Institute hosts ‘Learning Together’ virtual Spanish conference
New RNA-based tool can illuminate brain circuits, edit specific cells
Anton Receives NIH High Risk-High Reward Grant
Seizures more common after venous stroke
Detecting seizures and interpreting EEGs, direct algorithmic way
Wiley and ILAE Deliver Knowledge on Epilepsy Syndromes
Wearable devices could help predict seizures
Study reveals novel mechanism behind epilepsy, drug modulation
WHO calls for optimizing brain health to benefit people and society
UCLA brain researchers receive $4 million NIH grant to supercharge miniature microscope
Specialized Brain Regions Recognize Vocal Cues That Don’t Involve Speech
Safety review to begin on topiramate
Even in sleep, your brain’s neurons are humming along to Mozart
Backing Local Medtech To Go Global
Consul General of UAE in New York Visits CHOP
Cost of brand-name epilepsy drugs increased by 277% over 8 years
Cell biology discovery opens doors for brain disease research
Researchers Propose Novel Method to Construct Epilepsy Brain Networks
Research finds how epilepsy and migraine drug causes birth defects
Biological super glue from mistletoe berries?
Brain signal irregularity may provide clues to understanding epileptic process