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Research boosts case for new gene therapy for Dravet syndrome
Research Boosts Case for New Gene Therapy to Treat Severe Form of Epilepsy
Harnessing Brain’s Plasticity to Acquire Epilepsy Resilience
Readout of Dr. Walensky’s call with Disability Advocacy Groups and Allies
UTA-developed headset detects seizures
CBD might help prime cells against COVID
Draft Intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders 2022-2031
Seizure study first step towards revealing which children are at risk of developing epilepsy
Research offers new insights into basal ganglia diseases
Adult Epilepsy Treatment Reduces Seizures in Children
Choline during pregnancy impacts children’s sustained attention
New graphene-based neural probes improve detection of epileptic brain signals
SA individual fined $7,992 for alleged unlawful advertising of medicinal cannabis
Treating long-term brain damage after exposure to nerve agents
Awards & Accolades 16 December
Epileptic seizure frequency fell by 86% in kids treated with whole plant medicinal cannabis
Live personalized music soothes stressed patients during lockdown
Head-Mounted Microscope Allows Long-Term Brain Imaging in Freely Moving Mice
Researchers find first in human evidence of how memories form
Saving patients an unnecessary procedure
Seizures and memory problems in epilepsy may have common cause
Precise new form of brain surgery requires no incisions, scalpels
Microfabricated thin-film electrodes show therapeutic promise
Researchers can control brain circuits, behavior, and emotion using light
CHOP Docs Provide Overview of Options to Families for Children Experiencing Epilepsy
Wyss Center and Inselspital Bern announce clinical trial for long-term brain monitoring technology
Neural stem cells may hold key to combatting newborn brain injury
New tool to assess epilepsy cases that need surgery
UVA Develops Precise Brain Surgery to Remove Diseased Cells Without Scalpel
Hypertension may increase risk of developing epilepsy
Epilepsy support needed to reduce preventable deaths
Epios Silver Winner of MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator
Certain brain rhythms coordinate cognitive map in human spatial navigation
Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise as Angelman Syndrome Treatment
Research finds unknown trigger for seizures
Epilepsy Research Reveals Previously Unknown Trigger for Seizures
Maintaining balance in brain
Genes and collective behavior
Tiny Part of Cannabis Biology Has Big Impact
3 Questions: Kalyan Veeramachaneni on hurdles preventing fully automated machine learning
Wearable brain scanner to facilitate testing for children with epilepsy
Pruning dendritic tree
Reprogramming glial cells into neurons reduces rate of epileptic seizures in mice
Children with epilepsy to benefit from wearable brain scanner
New laboratory for local medical innovations
Wyss Center announces CE mark for its brain data visualization software, Epios Cloud
Raising awareness about seizure risk among stroke survivors
National Drug Discovery Centre announces four new projects