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Minister goes to new heights to celebrate National Purple Day
Researchers Provide Complete Clinical Landscape for Major Gene Linked to Epilepsy and Autism
Powerful brain imaging provides new insights on neurological symptoms of COVID-19
Six arrested following seizure of prescription-only and unlicensed medicines in West Midlands
Acute Breakdown of Glial Network in Epilepsy
Consultation on discussion paper on Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders
CSIRO secures licence to develop medicinal cannabis
New research studies “domino effects” and synchrony in brain activity
Pregabalin and gabapentin
Inflammation in genetic epilepsy
Researchers Characterize Shared Pathways in Epilepsy and Autism
Cannabidiol use during pregnancy affects brain and behavior in adulthood
Safety review of epilepsy medicines in pregnancy – women who may become pregnant urged to discuss treatment options with their
Focused Ultrasound Shows Promise for Treating Parkinson’s Disease
LLNL develops optical capability for thin-film neural implants to look into brain activity
A weather station for epileptic seizure
New research project funded at RITMO
Medical cannabis eases seizures in childhood epilepsy
Man fined $10,656 for alleged unlawful advertising of cannabidiol including COVID-19 claims
Cutting-Edge Technology Tackles Brain Tumours
Neonatal seizures research awarded Cerebral Palsy Alliance funding
It is not how long but quality of sleep that determines sleep perception
Medscape: Suicidal thoughts in kids with epilepsy
Australian researcher recognised for work in developing next generation treatments for Parkinson’s disease
Neurologist Michael Rogawski named fellow of National Academy of Inventors
New spin-out company signals quantum leap for brain imaging
New implants to help detect and prevent brain seizures
Grants to create a more inclusive Canberra
Mutations in Key Chromosome Protein May Lead to Neurodevelopmental Issues
Big data analysis suggests role of brain connectivity in epilepsy-related atrophy
Cannabidiol in cannabis does not impair driving, landmark study shows
Nanoparticles deliver drugs to brain
ZJU scientists discover protective role of microglia in complex febrile seizure
Astrocytes Identified as Master ‘Conductors’ of Brain
Studies Outline Key Ethical Questions Surrounding Brain-Computer Interface Tech
Understanding rare type of diabetes gives insights into critical mechanisms of insulin production
Performance test for neural interfaces
Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation supports seven UniSA projects to improve children’s health and wellbeing
New cannabis oil research on safety and tolerability published in prestigious British Journal
Pitt Innovation Awards $485,000 for Health Care Solutions
Study underscores gut-brain connection and shows hunger hormone impacts memory
University of Exeter spin-out Neuronostics win prestigious national award
HKU Engineering team develops novel miniaturised organic semiconductor – an important breakthrough essential
A new suite of analytical services at National Measurement Institute
Epilepsy diagnosis fast-tracked with machine learning technology
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk Varies in Patients with Different Types of Epilepsy
It is time to embrace cannabis for medicinal use, say experts
Improving prediction of Parkinson’s Disease