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New study showing how brain retrieves facts and personal experiences may help people with memory disorders
Glass injection molding
New Discovery Reveals Early Dispersal of Neolithic Domesticated Sheep into Heart of Central Asia
Antiparasitic drug could prevent Covid-19 lung damage
Seeing Quadruple
When Beads Line Up
Great variation in how police crimes are reported
Inspired by Cartilage
Aircraft wake surfing to reduce consumption
How Bushfire Smoke Traveled Around World
University of Warwick Spin-Out, CryoLogyx, partners with investors
A new way to measure human wellbeing towards sustainability
‘Magical’ fire suppressant kills zombie fires 40% faster than water alone
DNA repair studied with molecular precision
New Signaling Pathway in Neurons
Reactivating Aging Stem Cells in Brain
New method for finding Earth-like planets
New research on mitochondrial function can play significant part in serious disease
Lab-grown ‘mini-bile ducts’ used to repair human livers in regenerative medicine first
Ludwig Cancer Research study uncovers metabolic vulnerability
Light used to detect quantum information stored in 100,000 nuclear quantum bits
Cell Replacement by Numbers
A new vision for adeno-associated virus delivered gene therapies
Vaporised crusts of Earth-like planets found in dying stars
Stirring up Conflicts in Tumour Cells
Towards more fish-friendly hydropower plants
An Achilles’ heel for wheat rust infection
Dragonflies perform upside down backflips to right themselves
Cell-Freezing Market to be transformed by University of Warwick Spin-Out CryoLogyx
New method developed for ‘up-sizing’ mini organs used in medical research
Climate change, bats linked to COVID-19 pandemic
Climate change may have driven emergence of SARS-CoV-2
Anticancer drug may improve outcome for severe COVID-19 patients
Copying Foreign Genes Helps Bacteria Withstand Test of Time
Seasons of Our Hormones
How is digitalization of daily life impacting climate change?
Solving complex physics problems at lightning speed
Size of helium nucleus measured more precisely than ever before
Cancer Drug Shows Potent Activity in Lab Against SARS-CoV-2, Including B.1.1.7 Variant
Cancer Drug Shows Potent Activity in Lab Against SARS-CoV-2, Including New Variants
Hijacking Host Defenses Gives Bacteria an Advantage
Solar System formation in two steps
Highly endowed EU grants for research at TUM
Prestigious ERC grants for new Covid test and spectrometer
Wetland methane cycling increased during ancient global warming event
Mathematics explains how giant ‘whirlpools’ form in developing egg cells
Dire wolf was a distinct species, different from gray wolf, biologists discover
Astronomers discover most distant quasar