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Both nature and nurture contribute to signatures of socioeconomic status in brain
Patients wanted for study aiming to identify factors affecting IVF treatment success
Scripps Research scientists explain what makes COVID-19 antibody “J08” so potent
Humans may have evolved to show signs of stress to evoke support FROM OTHERS
How sleep helps to process emotions
Quantum systems and flight of bee
Mini-kidneys help understand link between diabetes and severe Covid
New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
Cardiac progenitor cells generate healthy tissue after heart attack
First image of black hole in our galaxy’s centre
An image of Milky Way’s black hole
Researchers identify pathway that regulates lipid synthesis and contributes to tumor survival
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Dual membrane offers hope for long-term energy storage
Scientists home in on Thera volcano eruption date
EU gives Imperial €2.5 million to delve deeper into bacterial gene swapping
Two ERC Advanced Grants for Scientists of KIT
Multi-million euro grants from Brussels
He gets prestigious grant for second time
Research into pathogen-host manipulation inspires major European Funding
Professor Craig Primmer received an ERC advanced grant
Scientist receives prestigious ERC funding to unravel mystery of rapid cell division in malaria parasite
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
New €2.8m project will seek insights into aging from pre-term births
Three ERC Advanced Grants for UAB researchers
Researchers awarded three ERC Advanced Grants
Three cutting-edge research projects to receive EU funding
Mysteries of gas giants known as ‘hot Jupiters’ unravelled
Researchers load CAR-T cells with oncolytic virus to treat solid cancer tumors
Rhesus monkeys can perceive their own heartbeat
New partnership with Bulgaria for artificial intelligence
Research finds unexpected changes in atmospheric temperatures
Converting solar energy to electricity on demand
Imperial and France’s CNRS to lead data revolution with joint research centre
UAB ranks first among generalist universities in Catalonia and Spain for Horizon 2020 funding
Researchers identify neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy
Getting under skin of an autoimmune disorder
Using Gene Scissors to Specifically Eliminate Individual Cell Types
Why Sentinel Cells are so Important
Searching for flatness in materials
New strategy to preserve insulin-producing cells in diabetes
Common coronavirus infections don’t generate effective antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
Common coronavirus infections don’t generate effective antibodies against Covid
European earthworms reduce insect populations in North American forests
ERC Grant for Alexander Westermann
Triple European grant success for University of York academics
Mechanism underlying dopamine release in brain identified
No increase in pregnancy complications after Covid vaccination