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Evolutionary biologists discover mechanism that enables lizards to breathe underwater
Roads pose significant threat to bee movement and flower pollination, U-M study shows
New theory may revolutionize treatment of endometriosis
Surprising Evolutionary History of our Oral Bacteria
African wild dog: An ambassador for world’s largest terrestrial conservation area
New monitoring program for marine areas expands its action range to all protected marine areas in Catalonia
African Wild Dog: An Ambassador for World’s Largest Nature Reserve
Rooted tree key to understanding bacterial evolution, new study suggests
Royal Society announces election of new Fellows 2021
How a Yale scientist and REM star named an ant for a Warhol ‘Superstar’
Breaking egg barrier: A sperm story
Virtual sex and dollbots could lead to exploitation, academic warns
Migratory songbirds’ travels disrupted by earlier springs
Researchers Developing Coastal Forest Resiliency Plan for Coastal Evergreen Preserve
Effects of storms and COVID-19 on state of rivers in Barcelona area
Wageningen Scientist Dolf Weijers to join KNAW
Study shows how mammals evolved bigger brains
Soil bacteria evolve with climate change
U-M biologist eager for arrival of Brood X cicadas, sixth emergence of these noisy 17-year bugs in his lifetime
Why Human Body Has Not Evolved to Make Childbirth Easier – or Has It?
Where’s my horse-sized rabbit?
Egg and sperm cell size evolved from competition
New Normal with Maydianne Andrade: Scapegoat
Nobel laureate among presenters for UTA Science Week
Stroud honored with American Society of Naturalists award
Entomologist to examine how plant domestication influences pollinator evolution
Cultural lives of animals revealed
Researchers seek to improve representation with Canadian Black Scientists Network
Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved
New bird emerged from genetic shuffling
Size of grass blades offers better understanding of their vulnerability to climate change
Intensity of phytoplankton production during Antarctic summer affects structure of seafloor ecosystems
Research of our Environment: How UConn Researchers are Working to Save Planet
Researchers uncover underlying genetics that make flies champion fliers
Climate change ravages coralligenous architects in Mediterranean
Identifying Cells to Better Understand Healthy and Diseased Behavior
Study shows winter road salt poses year-round threat to aquatic life in Toronto’s rivers
Nearly 1,000 gather for conversation on safer fieldwork
A Call to Action for Insects Resonates with Public
New light shed on early evolution of limb bone marrow
‘Climate Crisis: Take Action’ Is Third Pop-Up Class Offering at UConn
How we can use psychological principles to foster collaboration in fight against COVID-19
Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition
University of Toronto Trash Team and PortsToronto battle plastic pollution in Lake Ontario
ICREA Academia 2020 program awards five UB researchers
True toll of coronavirus on sub-Saharan Africa may be obscured by tremendous variability
Genomic and epigenomic analyses reveal speciation in mole rat populations without sharp separation
UO biologist chosen for a Sloan Research Fellowship