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New Findings Clarify & Complicate Understanding of Swahili History
Steam Locomotive Extinction Challenges Evolution Assumptions
Predicting lizard populations
Minds wide open
Marsupial Sabertooth Thylacosmilus Saw Its Prehistoric World
Researchers Reveal Forces Behind Biodiversity Shifts in Lizards
Mystery of Germline Mutation Rates Across Species Solved
Bald Eagles and Farmers Benefit from Climate Change
Plants Adapt to Climate Change to Attract Pollinators
Giant Eagle of Australia Extinct: Could Snatch Koalas from Trees
Marine biologist fights to save coral reefs
Climate Change Alters Human-Raptor Bond
Germs Last Centuries on Everest After Sneezing
Research Shows Unequal Peer Review in Journals
Marine biologist fights to save coral reefs
High Seas Treaty Boosts Global Marine Conservation
Plan Important for Building Conservation Networks
Ocean Resources Tipping Point Threatens Marine Mammal Reproduction
Three years in: 7 things we’ve learned about COVID
Native Bees in Australia Show Unprecedented Social, Foraging Behaviors
Evolutionary Medicine Offers Health Solutions
Conservation Prioritization to Focus on ‘Evolutionarily Distinctive’ Species
Shrinking Spawning Salmon Ages Raise Climate Worries
Top scholars spread their wings to US
Single gene causes stinging cell to lose its sting
Carbon Sequestration in Jeopardy Across Large Areas of Earth
Inexpensive, Easy Techniques to Track Plant Drought Impact
Evolutionary tree of snakes rewritten with discovery of new Afro-Asian family of mildly venomous snakes
Marine Plankton Shifted with Late Cenozoic Cooling
Grassroots Movement Backs Inclusive Science Language
Researching Human Impact on Antarctic Marine Ecosystems
Research Finds Biodiversity Link to Fish & Water Depth
Autophagy: Self-Eating Controlled at Molecular Level
Yellow Evo Leads to New Monkeyflower Species
Toronto Harbour Unveils Plastic ‘Fatbergs’ and Waste
Ants go marching … methodically
Drought Speeds Fall of Ancient Empire: Research
Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse
Marine reserves unlikely to restore marine ecosystems
New evolutionary insights from stepping outside lab
Graphic Artist Nosyk Brings Science to Life with Zoological Illustrations
Fossil Fruit Reveals Coffee and Potato Ancestors Survived Dinosaurs’ Extinction
UCLA Study Aims to Save SoCal Endangered Fish Species
Evolution of wheat spikes since Neolithic revolution
Quail could be unknown reservoir of Tuscany and Sicilian viruses
Time to Elevate Black People in STEMM: Maydianne Andrade
Fossils Reveal Primates Adapted to Colder Climates
Humpback Whale Pregnancies Linked to Krill Abundance