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U.S. President Trump Approves Tennessee Emergency Declaration
Reforming Lebanon’s Port Sector to Build Back a Better Port of Beirut
Questions and answers about UN mission to SAFER oil tanker in Yemen
An update on Christmas Day explosion in Nashville: Vanderbilt University
University update on Dec. 25 downtown Nashville explosion
FSO Safer: contingency planning progresses as UN assessment mission gets green light
Update on lake Wyangan for recreational users
FSU computational scientist demonstrates how supernovae detonate
How spread of Internet is changing migration
All work involving gas must be done by book
‘Roaming’ molecular fragments captured in real time
CommBank launches virtual cricket clinics
Sea star listed as critically endangered following research by Oregon State University
“The Robot made me do it”: Robots encourage risk-taking behaviour in humans
People’s Choice bushfire photo announced as Black Summer & Beyond book gets green light
“Electronic amoeba” finds approximate solution to traveling salesman problem in linear time
EROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in halo of Milky Way
Scientists have tested new materials for protective masks
Top five social media moments of 2020
Working to reveal secrets of earliest animals
Emergency crews responding to fatal house fire – South Coast
Sustainably managed fisheries provide a safeguard against global food insecurity
EU, UN and WBG launch an 18-month Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework in response to Beirut Port
Berkeley Law creates protocol to use social media as evidence for war crimes
Incredible vision in ancient marine creatures drove an evolutionary arms race
Lebanon is in a Deliberate Depression with Unprecedented Consequences for its Human Capital, Stability
Apron? Check. Tongs? Check. Safety? Check: Know drill before you grill
Second annual MIT Science Bowl Invitational takes virtual format
$100 million transformation planned for Thomas Road around Byford
Abstract Artist Richard Rhodes talks Lockdown and Luxury Gifts for Holidays
Survey reveals impact of suicide on family and friends
Iron in binary stars reflects Galaxy’s chemical evolution
Fast radio bursts likely to be caused by magnetars
Cosmic flashes come in all different sizes
3 Questions: Hsin-Yu Chen on treading lightly when dating universe
It’s what on inside that counts
Industry collaboration enhances C-130J Hercules fleet
Birth of magnetar from colossal collision potentially spotted for first time
100 days on from Beirut explosions, children and families affected remain
Scoresby fatal house fire
Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology symposium to highlight 25 years of leading research
Game combats political misinformation by letting players undermine democracy
Neolithic construction boom led to large-scale mega henges being built across southern Britain, research suggests
A Magnificent Burst from Within Our Galaxy
Cornell Atkinson: a decade of collaborative sustainability
Geologist helps confirm date of earliest land plants on Earth
Safety alert issued after two barbeque gas explosions
Study reveals robust performance in aged detonator explosive