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FWO acts on EU non-compliance
Sushi supplier to back-pay a Chinese worker
Three legal actions against remorseless trolley collecting operator result in $130,000 in penalties
Sydney hair salon allegedly underpaid young apprentice more than $14,000
FWO’s Food Precincts campaign returns $471,904 in wages owed to hospitality workers
$130,000 penalties after nail salon engages in “elaborate sham” to hide exploitation
Building a culture of compliance in the restaurant sector through partnership between FWO and La Porchetta
Hair and beauty salon commits to change after underpaying overseas workers more than $25,000
Perth labour supply business faces Court for alleged building site underpayments
$900k in underpayments, discrimination & coercion alleged in new action against massage parlour
$900k in underpayments, discrimination & coercion alleged in new action against massage parlour
New minimum wage takes effect from Sunday
Almost $100k in penalties after Caltex franchisee falsified wage records
Fair Work Ombudsman to work with local councils to improve management of security supply chains
CFMMEU penalised for unlawful industrial action
The Gig Economy: Navigating new ways to work
More than $100k in penalties after Brisbane massage parlour refuses to back-pay two workers $12,842
Melbourne dental practice faces second legal action after allegedly underpaying another 457 visa holder
$216,700 in penalties after Pizza Hut franchisee engages in sham contracting
‘Reasonable steps’ to promote compliance essential for franchisors to avoid liability and brand damage, says FWO
Fair Work Ombudsman releases results of NSW audits
Fair Work Ombudsman commences legal action against Foodora
$134,000 in penalties after Melbourne CBD outlets exploit “marginalised and disadvantaged” workers
Fair Work Ombudsman releases results of Darwin audits
Migrant workers allegedly paid no wages for a year’s work under ‘work experience’ scheme
Almost half of inner Adelaide businesses fail the basics in workplace compliance checks
$192,780 in penalties for Brisbane 7-Eleven outlet
Penalty against MCG head contractor over underpayments a “wake-up call”
More than $200k in penalties in FWO’s first racial discrimination case
200 regional NSW businesses being audited by the Fair Work Ombudsman in New England and North West
$118,000 in penalties after NSW roadhouse operator “well and truly caught out by FWO”
Record penalty against Townsville café operator over failure to pay compensation
Jail term imposed in Fair Work Ombudsman’s first contempt of court case
$43,000 penalty for labour hire manager after vulnerable workers exploited at abattoir
$300k in penalties against burger bar operator evidence of cultural issues in hospitality industry
Sushi operator faces Court for allegedly underpaying overseas workers in Newcastle
Outback homestead operator penalised in Court after 17 workers underpaid $23,000
$160,000 in penalties after Sydney retailer underpays migrant employee $60,000
Half a million calls from small business reveals strong demand for online support
Queensland electrical contractor faces legal action over alleged failure to pay compensation
Legal action alleges underpayment of 457 visa workers
Pharmacy operators penalised for underpaying migrant “93 weeks’ wages”
Swimland signs up to scrutiny after more than 1300 staff underpaid $1.4 million
$230k in penalties over exploitation of migrant trolley collectors at Bendigo
Hays Recruitment demonstrates commitment to workplace compliance through positive partnership with the FWO
$300,000 penalties and back-pay for “flagrant” underpayments of first aid workers
Hotspots to be audited as spotlight put on the workplace basics of 1000 businesses
WA workers back-paid almost $390,000 and three businesses penalised in court following FWO campaigns