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Turkey Urges Human Rights-Focused Economic Model
Global Food Prices Continue to Decline: FAO
UN Deputy Chief: Transforming Eating to Achieve 2030 Goals
Global food prices decline further in January
Race to Save Endangered Livestock Breeds: Genomics for Sustainability
Putting People, Environment at Heart of Projects: Disaster Risk Screening
Quadripartite Orgs Launch Group to Monitor Antibiotic Use, Resistance
Latin America & Caribbean Can Lead Global Food/Agriculture w/ Hunger, Inequality Tackled
Urban Food Insecurity Rises with Asia-Pacific Urbanization: UN Agencies
UN Chief Sees Hope for Drought-Stricken Cabo Verde Oasis
FAO outlines three pillars of action for initiatives in Ukraine in 2023
FAO Urges Strengthening Agrifood Systems at GFFA Berlin
Urban Agri Systems Spur Sustainable Transformation
Lebanon: 2 Million at Risk of Hunger
Climate Finance Key to Enhancing Agrifood Sys. Resilience, Efficiency
131 Million in Latin America Lack Access to Healthy Diet: UN
131M in Latin America & Caribbean Lack Healthy Diet: UN Report
Darkening of Davos Meeting Due to War in Ukraine
25M Nigerians Facing Food Insecurity in 2023
Revamping Agri Systems Needs Policy, Mindset Shifts & Biz Models
Action Needed: Malnutrition Threatens Millions of Children
Radiation Used to Study Biology, Genetics for Improved Food Security
FAO Aids Pakistan: From Emergency Relief to Resilience Building
Food Prices Decline in December: FAO
World food prices dip in December
EU and FAO Work to Prevent Food Crisis in Ukraine with $15.5M
Subsistence Communities and Forests in Decline
Ukraine: EU-FAO Join Forces to Strengthen Ag Value Chains
UN/CEFACT Boosts Sustainable Fisheries Support
FAO at COP15: What comes now?
Cooking up Climate Solutions: Taking Action One Recipe at Time
Urban Greenery Averts Crises in Dryland Cities, FAO Report
Somalia: Rural Famine Threatens Communities, Aid Needed
Somalia: FAO Urges Massive Famine Aid to Avert Disaster
FAO and EBRD Launch $5.5M Initiative to Combat Global Grain Crisis
AFPA appoints Ross Hampton to part-time international role
Ukraine: Winter Brings Worsening Conditions, UN Reports
Ukraine: New UN survey shows rural households are increasingly affected by war
UN Recognises Efforts to Revive Ecosystems Globally
FAO welcomes additional $150 million multi-agency contribution from World Bank to strengthen resilience and address growing food
FAO’s Statistical Yearbook for 2022 goes live
Assessing Fate and Environmental Impact of Plastics in Soil and Crop Ecosystems Using Isotopic Techniques
International Mountain Day 2022: FAO aims spotlight on gender equality
Rome’s traditional Christmas tree lights up with sustainability
Europe and North America must step up to make COP-15 historic push for biodiversity
Deputy Secretary Sherman’s Meeting with Food and Agriculture Organization of UN Director-General Qu
Overfishing falls in Mediterranean and Black Sea, but fisheries resources remain under significant stress
China’s Pinduoduo wins 2022 FAO Innovation Award