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Prevent and detect carbon monoxide in aircraft
Drones could be new first line of defence against forest fires, says Concordia researcher 1 July
HKU-codeveloped automated laser-scanning ‘hunter drone’ seeks out fossils, minerals and biological targets
University of Hong Kong – codeveloped automated laser-scanning ‘hunter drone’ seeks out fossils
Wind farms in Black Sea coast region could have a negative impact on bat populations
Hazard reduction burn to cut fire risk on Mount Louisa
Safety checks at 29 WA aerodromes
Safety checks at 29 WA airports
Thermal imaging survey
Flight school consultation will be developed
AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate granted patent for precision ballistic airdrop apparatus, method
Rare kākāriki leave their bubble for wild
Rescue training on K-Block Helipad
AAIB Report Boeing 737-86N, unstable approach and loss of altitude on go around
Government approval for aircraft parking on east-west runway at Sydney Airport
Recorded data and recovered components focus of ongoing investigation of fatal collision with water
Concordia engineers help develop an emergency response drone
Airport runway nears completion
Scientists develop “backpack” computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats
Error in flight plan data led to January 2019 loss of separation near Kelowna, British Columbia
Safety check at Mildura airport
Safety checks at 14 WA aerodromes
University to trial new approaches to freight and mobility
OSI aids investigation resulting in charges of using drones to smuggle contraband into a federal prison
Researchers arrive in Antipodes Island to track albatross
Cygna Swan lands in City’s east end
Safety check at Sunshine Coast aerodrome
Historic island tackles new battle
Small altitude changes could cut contrail impact of flights by up to 59 per cent
Small altitude changes could cut climate impact of aircraft by up to 59 per cent
Safety checks at nine NSW aerodromes
Safety checks at nine Victorian aerodromes
Newcastle drone flight investigation
Understanding how raptors hear may help prevent future wind turbine deaths
Safety checks at South Australian aerodromes
Safety checks at 16 Victorian Aerodromes
Helicopter operation at Binghamton University Sept. 27-Sept. 29
AAIB review of G-forces in Shoreham accident
Safety checks at 18 Queensland aerodromes
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
New open-air facility will be testing ground for autonomous drones, vehicles and robots
Information sessions on Katoomba Airfield Proposal