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Many Working Parents Are Burned Out. Two UVA Clinicians Have Advice
Houston Methodist study finds masks and distancing worked to keep germs at bay
Covid boosters: An update with experts Lawrence and LeBlanc
Sequencing respiratory viruses provides new insight on coinfections, viral spread and COVID
Cornell recommends booster shots for those eligible
Troubling birth findings show importance of timely flu vaccination
Despite risks, 60% of Americans say they may delay or skip flu shot this year
Offering flu vaccinations to children having surgery significantly increases number vaccinated
Covid: Without masks, two metres distancing is not enough
Vaccine is best way to manage flu during pandemic
Kids too young for Covid vaccine? How to keep them safe
Top health organizations urge flu and Covid vaccines to protect vulnerable, reduce burden on hospitals
Covid has caused biggest decrease in life expectancy since World War II
FACEBOOK LIVE: Covid and this year’s flu season
Introduction routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
Introduction of infection routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
Intake routes for bird flu season 2020-2021 investigated
Blacktown City Council employee marks milestone 100th blood donation
Upcoming Flu Season Will Likely Be Severe
Lactation Consultant Helping Moms with Breastfeeding Goals
Flu-associated hospitalizations, ICU admissions, in-hospital deaths by race, ethnicity
This Behavioral Scientist Wants to Help People Overcome Covid Vaccine Hesitancy
Flu season has arrived – make sure you are protected
Is wildfire smoke bad for your health?
Queenslanders urged to get tested, more vaccine hubs to open
Improving access to government-funded flu vaccines
Asymptomatic pertussis more common in infants than previously thought
No health worries for children born to mothers given seasonal flu vaccine in pregnancy
Teachers at Great Lakes College Tuncurry Campus walk off job
NIH launches clinical trial of universal influenza vaccine candidate
South Australians encouraged to get flu vaccine this winter
Western Australians urged to get influenza jab
Protect yourself, loved ones – get your flu shot
National Flu Vaccination Program Officially Launches
Don’t forget about flu – with winter approaching, flu vaccination numbers still low
How to prepare for next pandemic
COVID-19 is not influenza, but it offers lessons on beating it, say Concordia researchers
Know Facts – Fight Flu
Queenslanders urged not to be complacent with flu this year
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – Managing sick leave during cold and flu season
Get your flu vaccine now
World Immunisation Week Reminder to Stay Healthy This Flu Season
UK Government launches COVID-19 Antivirals Taskforce to roll out innovative home treatments this autumn
Flu tracking system captures COVID-19 impact
Safeguard against flu season: book your immunisation online today 15 April
RACGP: flu vaccines are still vital
Potential for big influenza season
Flu vaccines arrive