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Researchers estimate that 20.6 million years of life have been lost during pandemic
Lessons from flu season
Lockdowns, border closures and related measures could help stop future pandemics
Addressing Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines, Clinical Trials
Flu vaccine uptake among over 65s highest on record
COVID-19 patients at higher risk of death, health problems than those with flu
Many Older Adults Hospitalized with Flu Face Persistent Functional Decline
Health and Social Care Secretary’s statement on coronavirus 30 November 2020
Coronavirus Vaccine Approval Will Launch Unprecedented Public Health Initiative
COVID-19 and holiday’s: 5 things you can do to physically prepare for long winter
Flu vaccine uptake among people aged 65+ on track to be highest on record
Free flu vaccinations rolled out to over 50s from December
Patients fare better with severe flu than with COVID-19
Hospitals Continue To Perform Through Pandemic
Rutgers Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Decreased Flu Vaccinations, Immunizations for Children
Scientists develop algorithm to help relieve pressure on NHS
How Safe Are Health Care Facilities?
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on 20 October
Natural Disaster Preparations May Aid Businesses’ Pandemic Response
Twenty per cent increase in flu vaccinations an ambitious but attainable goal: pharmacy researcher
Shortages of COVID-19 and Other Testing Supplies Identified by ASMs Data Collection Tool
New study highlights risks associated with sequential infection of influenza followed by COVID-19
Guidance for GPs to access extra flu vaccines as part of expanded vaccination programme
Rutgers Pediatrician Discusses How to Keep Children Safe at School
Jodie Hermann discusses flu season with WMTW
Economist tallies up healthcare costs associated with wildfire smoke
Covid-19 testing needed in schools
Battling Flu During Pandemic
Second wave: Schulich epidemiologist explains what’s next
U.S. Air Force lab surpasses 130K COVID-19 tests in
Can You Tell If It’s Flu or COVID-19? Doctors Say It’s Not So Clear
Antibodies protect against wide range of influenza B virus strains
Meanings of masks
New vaccine strategy harnesses ‘foot soldier’ T-cells to provide protection against influenza
Surge in smokers trying to quit see increased success rates in 2020
Flu may increase spread of Covid-19
New Dashboards Launched to Track COVID-19 Across Texas Communities
Why COVID-19 Means You Need a Flu Shot This Year
COVID-19 and influenza: preventing two illnesses
Combining PCR and antibody tests at point of care dramatically increases COVID-19 detection in hospitalised
Washington University develops COVID-19 saliva test
Study confirms link between influenza, heart complications
Real-time data for a better response to disease outbreaks
A tale of two viruses: what you need to know this fall about COVID-19 and flu
More parents plan to get flu shot for kids this fall
COVID-19 Testing Clinic in Noosa
Coronavirus testing, immunity: What we know
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