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All European bat species are vulnerable to artificial light
On salinized mitochondria und non-Gaussian diffusion 4 November
On salinized mitochondria und non-Gaussian diffusion
BioRescue consortium ceases egg harvesting on northern white rhino Najin following an ethical risk assessment
Excellent work life balance: Third audit berufundfamilie certificate in row for IKZ
Ultrafast and coupled – atomic vibrations in quantum material boron nitride
Start-up expansion with funding from IFB Hamburg
At waterside: people relaxed – environment stressed?
Principle of aquaponics – clearly defined
First reported case of anthrax in wildlife in Namib Desert
Aquatic insects are sensitive to light pollution
Tracking down antiferromagnets
BR50: Build up Berlin towards worldwide leading research metropolis
German federal elections: Researchers recommend more sustainable water policy
Leibniz institutes join expertise to strengthen national and European technology sovereignty
Against overfishing: Protect large spawners and assess stocks correctly
Slow version of glutamate receptor AMPA discovered
Orioles adapt location of their wintering grounds to weather condition, analysis of historical feathers show
Defective potassium channel disrupts brain’s navigation system
Blue waters – green beaches: benthic filamentous algae are an emerging threat to clear lakes worldwide
Sperm migration in genital tract – computer simulations identify key factors for reproductive success
New insights for species conservation
Emotions and cultural importance are most important for acceptance of large carnivore management strategies
Making optimal use of mathematical research data
New tools for pandemic prevention research
Honey, we shrunk intense XUV laser
Why do people support fish species conservation in European rivers?
Lake habitats are disappearing as climate changes
A New Light on Quantum Science
Global warming: lakes lose too much oxygen
Juvenile white-tailed sea eagles stay longer in their parental territory than nest protection periods
Small hydropower plants do more harm than good
Cell cultures provide new insights into maintenance and regression mechanisms of corpus luteum in cats
Similar patterns in spread of pandemics and biological invasions
Range of Annamite striped rabbit in Vietnam is much larger than previously known, wildlife camera surveys reveal
Shaken, not stirred: Reshuffling Skyrmions Ultrafast
Cryptic sense of orientation of bats localised – sixth sense of mammals lies in eye
Young people and adolescents know too little about pathogens such as Covid-19 – which are reciprocally transmitted from animals
Angling 4.0: What happens when nature meets technology?
Loss of fauna in tropical forests impedes achieving Sustainable Development Goals
BioRescue creates four new embryos and gets ready for next steps of northern white rhino rescue mission
Large Molecules Transported into Living Cells: Researchers Achieve Breakthrough into Cell Interior
Less light – for more insects
Wind energy and bat fatalities: How improving acoustic monitoring could help protecting biodiversity
Rodenticides in environment pose threats to birds of prey
New technologies, new responsibilities
Terahertz waves from electrons oscillating in liquid water
Detection dogs effectively find rare animals and plants, providing important data for science and conservation