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Chloride ion channel ASOR is required for vesicle shrinkage
Indonesia and Germany join forces to save biodiversity
Protecting fungi
Flood risk reduction with multiple benefits: more space for river
FMP & LMU spin-off Tubulis closes €60 million Series B financing to accelerate its ADC Pipeline
FMP & LMU spin-off Tubulis closes €60 million Series B financing to accelerate its ADC Pipeline
Protecting biodiversity: creating dark infrastructure
Spotted hyenas adjust their foraging behaviour in response to climate change
Accelerating write/erase cycles in all-optical magnetization switching
German and Austrian deer thus far spared SARS-CoV-2 infections, unlike in North America
Persistent swinging of electrons between atomic sites in crystals
Hyper-CEST NMR technique reveals missing structure of novel container molecule
An ultrafast X-ray glance into photoacid electronic structure
Forest, COVID-19, Food and Extinction of Species: Research network publishes “10 Must Knows” on biodiversity
Attosecond pulses: 100 times more
Peatlands clean up acid mine drainage
Pluripotent stem cells from northern white rhinoceros: BioRescue moves one step closer to artificial egg cells
Why ponds and kettle holes are also worth protecting
New research shows that birds of prey populations across Europe are suppressed by lead poisoning from hunting ammunition
How sperm protect their membranes from oxidation: comparison of species
Class II PI3K lipid kinase: Structure of novel drug target resolved
New insights: how potassium and sodium are conducted through ion channels
Wildlife camera trap surveys provide new insights into occurrence of two threatened Annamite endemics
BioRescue creates two new embryos in race against time to prevent extinction of northern white rhinoceros
Progress in reproductive biology – new insights into binding behaviour of porcine sperm protein AWN
Solving puzzles of chloride ion channel ASOR
Center stage for quantum mechanical entanglement in an attosecond laser laboratory
“Earth BioGenome Project” enters new phase in cataloguing DNA of 1.8 million species
Citizen science data from Berlin show that urban areas can be refuge for bats, if certain conditions are met
Lessons learnt from Ice Age
Understanding role of largest organelle in nerve cells -Marijn Kuijpers receives 1.5 Million Euros of Funding from European Research
Intense monocycle terahertz pulses from shifting electrons in quantum structures
Why Mexican fish swim Mexican wave
Wildlife cameras show how foxes, racoons, stone martens and domestic cats get along
Snowglow and leavy trees in winter
Wind turbines kill mostly female and juvenile bats
How climate change is affecting our freshwaters
Himalayan bats are functionally less diverse at high than at lower elevations, but show same evolutionary diversity
Development of new and compact UVC lasers for medicine and biotechnology
Leibniz-IZW launches spin-off “” – a scientific communication and crowdfunding platform
All European bat species are vulnerable to artificial light
On salinized mitochondria und non-Gaussian diffusion 4 November
On salinized mitochondria und non-Gaussian diffusion
BioRescue consortium ceases egg harvesting on northern white rhino Najin following an ethical risk assessment
Excellent work life balance: Third audit berufundfamilie certificate in row for IKZ
Ultrafast and coupled – atomic vibrations in quantum material boron nitride
Start-up expansion with funding from IFB Hamburg
At waterside: people relaxed – environment stressed?