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If peatland burns, water bodies and drinking water can suffer
EU PANDASIA Project Enhances Health in Thailand & Europe
Cold-Loving Cyanobacteria Blooms Thrive Too
CT Images Reveal Dinosaur Bones in Bamboo Containers
Northern Bald Ibis Self-Sustainability in Sight
9 reasons why we humans urgently need freshwater biodiversity
Fish schools work bit like brain
Bottleneck for self-purification capacity of deep lakes
Threatened Bats at Risk from Wind Turbines in Forests
Scientists Create New Method to Image Fluctuations in Materials
Under pressure – quantum material reacts to light
Starvation causes cell remodelling
Bat diversity and abundance are highest in old deciduous forest stands on river banks in Eastern Ukraine
Cheetah marking trees are hotspots for communication also for other species
Sex roles in animal kingdom are driven by ratio of females to males
Intense femtosecond light pulses in mid-infrared for spectroscopic and technical applications
Assessing collision risk of bats becomes inaccurate for large wind turbines
Second chance for Sumatran rhino
Personality differences from day one after birth despite identical genes and identical environment
Ranger numbers and protected area workforce must increase fivefold to effectively safeguard 30% of planet’s wild lands by 2030
How far can proton make its presence felt when embedded in water?
Ultrafine network for rivers
Improving phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge
Magnesium ions slow down water dynamics on short length scales
Daytime pastoralist activities do not negatively affect spotted hyenas in Tanzania
Towards safe operating space for water resources in changing climate and society
Launched today: new pan-European Biodiversity Genomics Europe consortium tackles biodiversity crisis
Despite frequent sightings: Red squirrel habitats in Berlin are small and fragmented
Inhibitor of lipid kinase PI3KC2a identified as potential new treatment of thrombosis
Dense and permeable: molecular organization of tight junctions decoded
Novel animal tags with camera and AI complete maiden flight at Tierpark Berlin
Lessons learned from River Oder disaster: researchers’ recommendations to policymakers and public authorities
Restoration of peatlands: Flooding is not ideal solution
Magnetic skyrmions – ready for take-off?
Floodplains improve water quality of rivers
New analysis: satellite data confirm massive algal bloom in Oder River
In wake of Oder River disaster: Is there any hope for sturgeon and its habitat?
Formative years in hyenas: long-term impact of growing up in good or tough conditions
New IUCN assessment
100 years of SIL
Bacterial community signatures reveal how cities urbanize water sources
Ultrasonic detectors reveal detrimental effect of wind turbines at forest sites on bats
Invasive fish: Sperm parasitism as success strategy
Male moths: Lunar addiction for love
Protected areas in Africa are too small to safeguard rapidly declining vulture populations
Following ultrafast magnetization dynamics in depth
Freshwaters release methane – even when they dry out
All-attosecond pump-probe spectroscopy