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Canada Announces Virtual Program for 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair Special Edition
3 cases of COVID-19
Physics: Collision movie with upgraded particle detector at CERN
Boeing, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce Deutschland Partner to Service H-47 Chinook Engines
New dating of Nebra sky disk
When liver cirrhosis is deadly
SARS-CoV-2 viruses in wastewater: monitoring COVID-19 and estimating potential transmission risk
Australian Singing Competition staged from home
Youngsters meet UEFA Champions League stars virtually before kick-off
Spike protein of new corona virus is more flexible than expected
Flexible and protected – new findings on SARS-CoV-2 protein shed light on virus’s ability to infect cells
First in Human Study with Novel Antisense Oligonucleotide
Sargsian’s milestone
Transferrin identified as potential contributor to COVID-19 severity
Covid-19: Anti-viral strategy with double effect
How smart, ultrathin nanosheets go fishing for proteins
Original Works by Young Canadian Artists Installed on Two Prominent Staircases in Downtown Ottawa
Further decrease in DAX executive pay
“A liberal culture within police force is something worth fighting for”
Canada’s Guest of Honour Role at 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair Postponed
How do bacteria build up natural products?
Keyes and colleagues take part in historic ISC
A new way towards super-fast motion of vortices in superconductors discovered
New Zealand’s Ancient Monster Penguins had Northern Hemisphere Doppelgangers
Treating leukaemia more effectively
Tsetse flytraps: Biotechnology for Africa’s rural population
Atomic physics: radiation pressure with recoil
Kissing bugs also find suitable climatic conditions in Europe
Snapshot of exploding oxygen
How brain controls our speech
Honeybees: pesticides disrupt nursing behaviour and larval development
Taiwan travel during coronavirus – Information about available flights and routes
How particulate matter arises from pollutant gases
Frankfurt researchers discover potential targets for COVID-19 therapy
Ostendarp creates colorful backdrops for German exhibit
Rapid loss of riverine insects
State-of-the-art imaging method provides new insights into how bacteria move and exchange genetic information
Tropical diving birds once lived in Germany
Division of labour on surface of bacteria
Gravitational waves could prove existence of quark-gluon plasma
How mistakes help us recognise things
Event Horizon Telescope observes a black hole-powered jet
Case for corona bonds
Spikes of virus crown
A sure hand at scientific helm
New metabolism discovered in bacteria
Hans Stoll, Vanderbilt financial research pioneer, has died
Ships’ emissions create measurable regional change in clouds