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Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions
Research reveals that electronic air cleaning technology can generate unintended pollutants
Longest known continuous record of Paleozoic discovered in Yukon wilderness
Electrokinetic Proton Transport in Triple Conducting Oxides as Key Descriptor for Highly Efficient Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells
Ross Wang: Driving clean mobility with data analytics
Modeling Finds Relaxing Covid-19 Safety Protocols During Vaccination Period Risky
Backscatter breakthrough runs near-zero-power IoT communicators at 5G speeds everywhere
Subterranean investigations
Researchers explore shallow underground world with a burrowing soft robot
Researchers reveal complex ecosystem changes cause more greenhouse gases to be emitted from peatlands
Physicians, researchers, allied health professionals honored in 2021 Health Care Heroes awards
Ramblin’ Rocket Club Is Taking Tech to New Heights
A Breakthrough in Physics of Blood Clotting
Three SLAC researchers are recognized with prestigious DOE Early Career Awards
Early Feasibility Study Shows Flickering Lights and Sound Could Be New Weapon Against Alzheimer’s
Itch insight: Skin itch mechanisms differ on hairless versus hairy skin
Devika Singh Is 2021’s Top Bioinformatics Ph.D. Student
Hands-On Anatomy: ‘One Foot in Medical School, One Foot in Undergrad’
Hands-On Anatomy and Pathology: ‘One Foot in Medical School, One Foot in Undergrad’
Georgia Tech Study Finds More SNAP Retailers in Rural Areas Lowers Rates of Child Maltreatment
Zhu Lab Explains Inhibitory Role of World’s Most Famous Molecule
Leading in Quest for Ocean Solutions
Biweekly IoT News Digest from Center for Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies 18 May
Why Covid Conspiracy Theories Spread: Understanding Human Behaviors Behind Pandemic
Mental health helplines need human-centered solutions
Targeting Radiation Resistance: Why Some Tumors Are So Stubborn
Covid-19 Alters Gray Matter Volume in Brain, New Study Finds
COVID-19 alters gray matter volume in brain, new study shows
NSF Names Georgia Tech lead Institute for New Integrated Photonics & Electronics Center
Bernard F. Schutz Elected as Fellow of Royal Society
Breaching blood-brain barrier to deliver precious payloads
Breaching blood-brain barrier to treat tumors
New paper on RADx evaluation coauthored by CACP researcher
Saying Green Goodbyes: Sustainability & Student Support in Move-Out
Biweekly IoT News Digest from Center for Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies
RBI Student Internationally Recognized for Innovative Forest-based Industry Research
Zia Places Second in Georgia Tech Three Minute Thesis Competition
Ivan Allen College Recognizes Outstanding Service and Scholarship During Faculty and Staff Virtual Awards
Grubert Contributes to New Report – “On Path to an Equitable Energy Transition”
Science of Sound, Vibration to Better Diagnose, Treat Brain Diseases
Simple robots, smart algorithms
NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Headed to International Space Station
Georgia Tech researchers discover promising new treatment for dangerous thrombosis
Researchers reveal long-term impacts of extreme melt on Greenland Ice Sheet
Sherry Farrugia Selected by GCMI Board of Directors as Permanent CEO
Covid-19 Mask Study Finds Layering, Material Choice Matter
Leveraging 5G Network to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices
Study Finds In-Person Sporting Events Do Not Lead to Significant Covid-19 Community Spread