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Graphene Oxide Membranes Could Reduce Paper Industry Energy Costs
Ready for Smart City: How Community Improvement Districts are Building Future
T-Mobile, Georgia Tech, and Curiosity Lab Team Up to Fuel 5G Innovation
Collective Worm and Robot “Blobs” Protect Individuals, Swarm Together
Snake Micro Scales Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering
X-Ray Tomography Lets Researchers Watch Solid-State Batteries Charge, Discharge
Mike Kirka: Turning up heat on additive manufacturing materials
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
New Instrument Will Uncover Structure and Chemical Composition on Sub-Cell Scale
Spontaneous Robot Dances Highlight a New Kind of Order in Active Matter
Georgia Tech Will Help Manage DOE’s Savannah River Laboratory
Ivan Allen College Researcher Shows Many in U.S. Faced Economic Hardship Due to Covid-19
FDA Enlists Georgia Tech to Establish Best Practices for RNA-sequencing
Tension Between Awareness and Fatigue Shapes Covid-19 Spread
Hydrogel Could Open New Path for Glaucoma Treatment Without Drugs or Surgery
Emory, Georgia Tech share in McCamish Foundation commitment for Parkinson’s research
Secretary Pompeo to Deliver Remarks at Georgia Institute of Technology
Shuttering Fossil Fuel Power Plants May Cost Less Than Expected
Coronavirus Vaccine Approval Will Launch Unprecedented Public Health Initiative
Extraction of Largely Unexplored Bodily Fluid May Provide New Biomarkers
Local Company Plays Part in Georgia Tech’s Covid-19 Surveillance Testing Program
Home for Holidays: Know Travel Risks Before You Go
Need for Speed: UVA Engineering Boosts Hypersonic Travel
Machine Learning Advances Materials for Separations, Adsorption, and Catalysis
Large-area Flexible Organic Photodiodes Can Compete With Silicon Devices
Dense Microgel Suspensions Reveal In-silico What Happens Under Compression
Covid-19 Interventions Can Cut Virus Infections, Severe Outcomes, and Healthcare Needs
Good vibrations from renewable energy
Purdue to lead national workforce development project on trusted microelectronics
National Academy of Medicine elects two Emory researchers in 2020 class
Statewide Climate Solutions Powered by Georgia Tech Research Debut
Treating Cystic Fibrosis with mRNA Therapy or CRISPR
‘Programmable Medicine’ is Goal for New Bio-circuitry Research
Increasing Diversity in Academia is Aim of New Alliance with National Science Foundation
NIH Awards $18.2 million to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University and Georgia Tech to Continue Verification of COVID-19 diagnostic
Tech Hosts Global Climate Action Symposium
Ultra-Low-Cost Hearing Aid Could Address Age-Related Hearing Loss Worldwide
NSF Convergence Accelerator Awards Second Round of Funding to Eduworks, Georgia Tech, USG
Extending Origami Into Untethered Robots and Morphing Devices
Soft robots, origami combine for potential way to deliver medical treatments
E-Beam Atomic-scale 3-D ‘Sculpting’ Could Enable New Quantum Nanodevices
RNA Information Transfer Could Be Used in Repairing DNA
HKUST Appoints Prof. WANG Yang as Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
New Process Boosts Lignin Bio-oil as a Next-Generation Fuel
U.S. President Trump announces intent to appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts 5 September
Researchers Redesign Face Mask to Improve Comfort and Protection
“Your Fantastic Mind” TV series features Emory’s work on COVID-19, opioid crisis and more
Wearable Device Could Help EMTs, Surgeons Assess Hemorrhage Blood Loss