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Why Covid Conspiracy Theories Spread: Understanding Human Behaviors Behind Pandemic
Mental health helplines need human-centered solutions
Targeting Radiation Resistance: Why Some Tumors Are So Stubborn
Covid-19 Alters Gray Matter Volume in Brain, New Study Finds
COVID-19 alters gray matter volume in brain, new study shows
NSF Names Georgia Tech lead Institute for New Integrated Photonics & Electronics Center
Bernard F. Schutz Elected as Fellow of Royal Society
Breaching blood-brain barrier to deliver precious payloads
Breaching blood-brain barrier to treat tumors
New paper on RADx evaluation coauthored by CACP researcher
Saying Green Goodbyes: Sustainability & Student Support in Move-Out
Biweekly IoT News Digest from Center for Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies
RBI Student Internationally Recognized for Innovative Forest-based Industry Research
Zia Places Second in Georgia Tech Three Minute Thesis Competition
Ivan Allen College Recognizes Outstanding Service and Scholarship During Faculty and Staff Virtual Awards
Grubert Contributes to New Report – “On Path to an Equitable Energy Transition”
Science of Sound, Vibration to Better Diagnose, Treat Brain Diseases
Simple robots, smart algorithms
NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Headed to International Space Station
Georgia Tech researchers discover promising new treatment for dangerous thrombosis
Researchers reveal long-term impacts of extreme melt on Greenland Ice Sheet
Sherry Farrugia Selected by GCMI Board of Directors as Permanent CEO
Covid-19 Mask Study Finds Layering, Material Choice Matter
Leveraging 5G Network to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices
Study Finds In-Person Sporting Events Do Not Lead to Significant Covid-19 Community Spread
Control System Helps Several Drones Team Up to Deliver Heavy Packages
New Technology ‘Retrains’ Cells To Repair Damaged Brain Tissue In Mice After Stroke
Identifying Cells to Better Understand Healthy and Diseased Behavior
Study Finds Plants Would Grow Well in Solar Cell Greenhouses
Georgia Tech’s Center for Study of Women, Science, and Technology Host 2021 Distinguished Lecture
NIH awards grants to support bacteriophage therapy research
Finding Key to Low-cost, Fast Production of Solid-state Batteries for EVs
Professor Ruth Cameron receives Suffrage Science award on scheme’s tenth anniversary
Indoor Air Quality Study Shows Aircraft in Flight May Have Lowest Particulate Levels
Graphene Oxide Membranes Could Reduce Paper Industry Energy Costs
Ready for Smart City: How Community Improvement Districts are Building Future
T-Mobile, Georgia Tech, and Curiosity Lab Team Up to Fuel 5G Innovation
Collective Worm and Robot “Blobs” Protect Individuals, Swarm Together
Snake Micro Scales Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering
X-Ray Tomography Lets Researchers Watch Solid-State Batteries Charge, Discharge
Mike Kirka: Turning up heat on additive manufacturing materials
Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
New Instrument Will Uncover Structure and Chemical Composition on Sub-Cell Scale
Spontaneous Robot Dances Highlight a New Kind of Order in Active Matter
Georgia Tech Will Help Manage DOE’s Savannah River Laboratory
Ivan Allen College Researcher Shows Many in U.S. Faced Economic Hardship Due to Covid-19
FDA Enlists Georgia Tech to Establish Best Practices for RNA-sequencing
Tension Between Awareness and Fatigue Shapes Covid-19 Spread