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Covid-19 Interventions Can Cut Virus Infections, Severe Outcomes, and Healthcare Needs
Good vibrations from renewable energy
Purdue to lead national workforce development project on trusted microelectronics
National Academy of Medicine elects two Emory researchers in 2020 class
Statewide Climate Solutions Powered by Georgia Tech Research Debut
Treating Cystic Fibrosis with mRNA Therapy or CRISPR
‘Programmable Medicine’ is Goal for New Bio-circuitry Research
Increasing Diversity in Academia is Aim of New Alliance with National Science Foundation
NIH Awards $18.2 million to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University and Georgia Tech to Continue Verification of COVID-19 diagnostic
Tech Hosts Global Climate Action Symposium
Ultra-Low-Cost Hearing Aid Could Address Age-Related Hearing Loss Worldwide
NSF Convergence Accelerator Awards Second Round of Funding to Eduworks, Georgia Tech, USG
Extending Origami Into Untethered Robots and Morphing Devices
Soft robots, origami combine for potential way to deliver medical treatments
E-Beam Atomic-scale 3-D ‘Sculpting’ Could Enable New Quantum Nanodevices
RNA Information Transfer Could Be Used in Repairing DNA
HKUST Appoints Prof. WANG Yang as Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
New Process Boosts Lignin Bio-oil as a Next-Generation Fuel
U.S. President Trump announces intent to appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts 5 September
Researchers Redesign Face Mask to Improve Comfort and Protection
“Your Fantastic Mind” TV series features Emory’s work on COVID-19, opioid crisis and more
Wearable Device Could Help EMTs, Surgeons Assess Hemorrhage Blood Loss
Microgel Immuno-acceptance Method Could Improve Pancreatic Islet Transplant Success
NASA Names Robyn Gatens Acting Director for International Space Station
New $20 million center to bring AI into classroom
40th Challenge Program Hosts 75 Incoming Students
Extreme Chemistry of Nuclear Wastes
Antibody Research Could Boost Coronavirus Testing, Therapies, and Vaccines
Georgia Tech to Lead Technology Coalition to Advance Inclusive Innovation Across State
Flies and Mosquitoes Beware, Here Comes Slingshot Spider
A Shining Example of Nature Leading Way
Portable UV Disinfection Chambers Could Help Address PPE Shortage
Knowledge is Power: Learning More About COVID-19 Can Reduce Your Pandemic Stress
New research findings in origami materials promise wide applications
Baking and Boiling Botnets Could Drive Energy Market Swings and Damage
Machine learning model may perfect 3D nanoprinting
NASA Announces Astronauts to Fly on SpaceX Crew-2 Mission to Space Station
1.8 Million Face Shields Delivered to Protect Medical Workers from Covid-19
New Research in Origami Metamaterials Promises Wide Implications
COVID-19 Info Dashboards Come to CDC With Georgia Tech Help
Asymptomatic Spread Could Make Covid-19 Pandemic Longer and Worse
New membrane could cut emissions and energy use in oil refining
Membrane Technology Could Cut Emissions and Energy Use in Oil Refining
Ozone Disinfection Could Safely Allow Reuse of Personal Protective Equipment
Emory, Georgia Tech participate in six-year exercise research study
Sweet or Sour Natural Gas: Polyimide membranes for purification of natural gas
‘SlothBot in Garden’ Demonstrates Hyper-Efficient Conservation Robot
Redesigning Hand Sanitizer and Donating 7,000 Gallons to Fight Covid-19