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Younger we feel, better we rehabilitate
Willingness to give away money among older adults linked to cognitive profile of early Alzheimer’s
Older adults more likely to have multiple health ailments than prior generations
Stress accelerates aging of immune system, study finds
Takeaways and Netflix to blame for young people failing to get on housing ladder, say half UK public
Social dissatisfaction predicts vulnerability to financial exploitation in older adults
New Tool Helps Older Adults Monitor ‘Attentional Performance’ During Driving
Scientists use national study to enhance understanding of late-life disability and care
Menopausal hormonal shift alters women’s metabolism
Quantifying Cognitive Decline in Dogs Could Help Humans With Alzheimer’s Disease
Cutting calories and eating at right time of day leads to longer life
Ana Quiñones’ research aims to eliminate health disparities
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Older Latinos redefine family to include friends, neighbors, other community members
‘Longevity diet’ characteristics: What to eat for long life
Collaborating to Conquer Loneliness Amid Pandemic
Covid led to rise in loneliness & depression in older adults
Mitigating loneliness after spousal loss
Researchers Develop Scoring Tool to Measure Severity of Delirium
UConn School of Nursing Master’s and DNP Programs Among Top 5 in New England
More Older Adults Getting Treated for Substance Abuse
Aging Baby Boomers keep on using…bringing substance abuse, and treatment, into old age
Marilyn Gugliucci co-authors book on curricular standards for Gerontology and Geriatrics
Covid & impact on informal caregivers’ mental health
To Better Protect Older Adults from Flu UConn, JAX and Mount Sinai Team Up
Scientists feed worms natural plant extract
Well-functioning fat may be key to fewer old-age ailments
Study finds older Americans are largely unaware of new Alzheimer’s drug
Research finds likely link between mitochondrial dysfunction and age-dependent cognitive disorders
Study: High Covid rates in older Latinos linked with economics, outside help
Research finds impact of loneliness among older American women during pandemic
Researcher to study aging and social relationships in Kenya
Is AI ageist? Researchers examine impact of technology on older users
Feelings of fatigue predict death in older adults
Measuring poor health outcomes of ‘John Henryism’ for older Black Americans
High-need older adults in stepfamilies less likely to receive help from children
Study Examines Diversity in Research Publishing
Intervention leads to increase in primary care screenings for older adults
Self-perceptions of aging and stress have significant impact on physical health, OSU study finds
How brain’s blue spot helps us focus our attention
Slowness of gait can predict risk of frailty in older people
UTA again among elite group of national research universities
Researchers identify malfunctioning brain cells as potential target for Alzheimer’s treatment
Higher physical activity linked to better metabolic health risk factor profile in menopausal women
Morning exposure to deep red light improves declining eyesight
Grateful to be My Mother’s Caregiver
How does air pollution influence Alzheimer’s risk?
How alike are cancer cells from single patient?