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Method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we measure snow depth from space
New silicon nanowires can really take heat
EV100 members and broad industry coalition appeals to EU to ensure all new cars and vans are zero emissions from 2035 and
Launch of nationwide CO2 removal research program CDRterra at LMU
Vets appalled by number of animals killed by climate change
How New Zealand could become a world leader in decarbonisation using forestry and geothermal technology
Policymakers underestimate methane’s climate and air quality impacts
European drought event from 2018 to 2020 was most intense in over 250 years
Fact Sheet Climate Change and Demography
American Physical Society, Optica Release Joint Report on Methane Emissions
Climate Change and Demography
No, Mr Morrison. Minority government need not create ‘chaos’ – it might finally drag Australia to a responsible climate policy
Large-scale ocean sanctuaries could protect coral reefs from climate change
Barnaby must save Tamworth Climate Change Crop scientists
World ‘at crossroads’ as droughts increase nearly third in generation
Full adoption of existing mitigation strategies can help meet livestock methane reduction targets by 2030
Future city liveability to depend on which plant we put where
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Perrottet Cuts Climate Change Crop Research
World getting ‘measurably closer’ to 1.5-degree threshold
WMO update: 50:50 chance of global temperature temporarily reaching 1.5°C threshold in next five years
UN joins faith-based initiative for shift towards climate-responsible finance
Religious leaders, UNEP appeal for climate-responsible finance as moral imperative towards children
Research shows future super cyclones would expose vastly greater numbers of people
Research reveals future super cyclones would expose vastly greater numbers of people
Study Unveils Climate Evolution in Middle Latitudes of Southern Hemisphere During Miocene
Aotearoa sets course to net-zero with first three emissions budgets
Earth suffers “ocean amnesia” symptom of global warming
World’s ocean is losing its memory under global warming
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Making common cause
Land-building marsh plants are champions of CO2 capture
Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric CO2 than researchers previously thought
Massive Carbon Emission Caused Marine Anoxia and Biodiversity Loss 304 Million Years Ago
Caltech Breaks Ground on Resnick Sustainability Center
Study finds that landslides can have major impact on glacier melt and movement
Research reveals that landslides can have major impact on glacier melt and movement
New report assesses global anti-deforestation measures
Absent legislative victory, president can still meet US climate goals
Tasmania ‘first to become carbon negative’
Precipitation helped drive distribution of Alaska dinosaurs
Tasmania goes net carbon negative by reducing logging
Global warming accelerates water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences
Model pinpoints glaciers at risk of collapse due to climate change
New report highlights risk from global warming in Third Pole
Sydney shifts position in global impact rankings
Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve
Cut emissions “starting now” – Global Carbon Project experts