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Changing resilience of oceans to climate change
2020, one of three warmest years on record: World Meteorological Organization
Countries have plans, but lack money to implement climate change adaptation: UN report
Step up climate change adaptation or face serious human and economic damage – UN report
As oceans warm, large fish struggle
New Report Says Eliminating Carbon Emissions by 2050 Can Benefit State’s Economy
Wetland methane cycling increased during ancient global warming event
Could ocean hold key to reducing carbon dioxide in atmosphere?
Climate change has caused billions of dollars in flood damages, according to Stanford researchers
Warming and acidification form dual threat to corals
Scientists develop a cheaper method that might help create fuels from plants
Scientists discover slimy microbes that may help keep coral reefs healthy
Native biodiversity collapse in Eastern Mediterranean
InEnTec: Turning trash into valuable chemical products and clean fuels
Summer temperatures could rise faster in UK than global average
Paying for emissions we’ve already released
How to share responsibility for polluting atmosphere?
Scientists kick off £6m project to investigate role food systems play in health of children and environment
Drive to football? Take your kids to pool? Youre probably emitting an astonishing amount of CO
Doubling tropical cyclone risk to Hawaiʻi possible
Climate change: threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between 2027-2042
Promising test in Peru: tackling climate change whilst reducing poverty
Delayed Arctic ice advance tracked back to atmospheric conditions near Alaska months prior
Australia’s resources sector is preparing for global net zero transition, but action to address most significant source of emissions falls well short…
Big but affordable effort needed for America to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, Princeton study shows
When dinosaurs disappeared, forests thrived
Broken societies put people and planet on collision course, says UNDP
UK Foreign Secretary sets out ambition for closer relationship with India
Genome sequencing for more sustainable herring fishery
Deforestation in tropical mountain areas increases warming
Deforestation in tropical mountainous regions creates elevation dependent warmingingen
Paris Agreement 5 years on: big coal exporters like Australia face a reckoning
Critical temperature for tropical tree lifespan revealed
Transforming agri-food systems to feed world and tackle climate change
Japanese tech giant invests in Dagenham with new data centre
Applying Compost to Landfills Could Have Environmental Benefits
Glaring Gap: Inquiry pointless without climate response
‘Boss’ genes could save human hearts – and reef
UK PM Climate Ambition Summit opening remarks 12 December 2020
Five years of climate agreement: “We can keep earth habitable”
COVID lockdown causes record drop in CO2 emissions for 2020
A year of climate action op-ed by Charles Hay
What caused ice ages? Tiny ocean fossils offer key evidence
Cornell-led panel releases report on agri-food innovation
Bacteria release climate-damaging carbon from thawing permafrost
High altitude wine first to certified carbon neutral
What Is Biden’s Stance on Fracking?
Warmer springs mean more offspring for prothonotary warblers