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UK enshrines new target in law to slash emissions by 78% by 2035
Earth Day 2021 Is Set to Galvanize Climate Action
Rock glaciers will slow Himalayan ice melt
Scientists Reveal Responses of Various Permafrost Ecosystems to Climate Warming
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, April 16, 2021
Scientists More Confident Projecting ENSO Changes Under Global Warming
Whitest paint is here – and it’s coolest. Literally
Statement regarding latest science announcements
New report: Australia must triple its climate goal this decade
Effects of climate change on nature visualized
Negative emissions, positive economy
UN Climate Change Negotiations and Making Effective Progress at June Session
Warming-induced Carbon Emission May Be Less than Previously Assumed
Emissions report shows urgent action needed
Ocean bacteria release carbon into atmosphere
Governments of Canada and Quebec and City of Montréal commit to Biosphere’s future
National Parks in NSW – trophy cabinets of LNP
Measuring Climate Change in Hands of Residents of Northwestern Canada
Canada Supports Innovation for Compostable Bioplastic
UW, EORI Complete Study of Methane Emissions from Abandoned Wells
A “Safe and Just corridor” for planet and people
Research suggests eucalyptus trees can be genetically modified not to invade native ecosystems
British Embassy Bangkok showcases British EV and smart city solutions ahead of COP26
Rising carbon emissions (probably) won’t make Earth uninhabitable
Marine species fleeing equator, study confirms
UNE researchers examine kelp farming’s benefits to ecosystem
Spotlight on Research: Curing earth’s diseases through renewable energy
More climate action needed during ‘make-or-break year’ for people and planet
Soil Moisture Drives Year-to-Year Change in Land Carbon Uptake
Game-changing soil research set to drive new era of carbon farming
World’s first fuel cell electric vehicle to be demo-tested
Risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world
European Commission and IEA pull together for net zero
Kuroshio Current May Be Responsible for Climatic Discomfort in Tokyo, Scientists Find
Scientists zero in on role of volcanoes in demise of dinosaurs
Kashif Nawaz: Redesigning building equipment for carbon capture and beyond
Climate change significantly increases population displacement risk
Cooling homes without warming planet
AI for Planet: Highlighting AI innovations for sustainable mobility and smart cities
Floating solar farms could help reduce impacts of climate change on lakes and reservoirs
Revealing complex behavior of a turbulent plume at calving front of a Greenlandic glacier
Electrochemical synthesis of formate from CO2 using a Sn/reduced graphene oxide catalyst
Towards a Better Understanding of Societal Responses to Climate Change
1º of global warming causes a ~50% increase in population displacement risk
With drop in LA’s vehicular aerosol pollution, plants emerge as major source
How Biden administration can help to slow damage and build resilience in a rapidly changing Arctic
Managing on-farm plastic waste and growing bioeconomy
Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization