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East & West Germans Prefer Different Systems After 30 Yrs
New Drug Candidate Promising Against Monkeypox
Paul Ehrlich Prize Sheds Light on Immune System’s Origins
Cause of leukaemia in trisomy 21
Does artificial watercourse in Hessian Ried have Roman past?
Bee Brains Illuminated by Fluorescent Protein
Meteorite crater discovered in French winery
Hidden from Romans: 200 tons of silver on shores of river Lahn
Liver Cancer: Iron-Dependent Death could Lead to New Treatments
Iron-Dependent Cell Death Could Unlock New Liver Cancer Treatments
“Plitschplatsch” is more credible than simply wet
Early Humans: Tooth Enamel Reveals Life Histories
Jet engine lubrication oils are major source of ultrafine particles
Conference in Israel marks official start to new Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center
Reflections on Architecture and Capitalism
When flight leads to trauma
344 Faces of Franco-German Friendship
Strengthening Hessen’s Cybersecurity Research
From Frankfurt to Saskatchewan: Joint research for health of our planet
ALICE experiment at CERN starts test operation with lead ions
Continued excellence in DNA repair and genome stability research
Colon cancer: Dying cancer cells give neighbouring tumour cells instructions on how to survive
Ranking: Six Goethe University Researchers Among Most Cited Scientists in World
Alexander Fidora, awarded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his research career
Gene plays important role in embryonic development
Cosmic chocolate pralines: general neutron star structure revealed
€1 million for bacterial research at Goethe University: How bacteria gain energy through CO2 fixation
General neutron star structure revealed
Outstanding Contributions to Romanticism
First conference for female physicists at Goethe University inspires almost 1000 participants worldwide
A unique place for deceleration: Goethe University’s “House of Silence”
Understanding digital age
Change at top of House of Finance
German Science and Humanities Council certifies Fritz Bauer Institute’s “impressive achievements”
How practices of future-making influence present
Formal inauguration of John McCloy Transatlantic Forum at Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften
Mobile Tuareg artisans in Niger
Defect in cellular respiration renders sac fungi infertile
Destruction and New Beginnings
As dense as it gets: New Model for Matter in Neutron Star Collisions
Scientists identify way to boost tumor-fighting immune cells
What does Europe mean for Zionism?
Metabolite product from pomegranate: Researchers identify way to boost tumour-fighting immune cells
Space full of opportunities
How family decisions affect economy – and vice versa
Infection research: Antibodies prevent cell infection
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate
Why high follower count may not be best driver of engagement on social media