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Researchers Frankfurt develop new biobattery for hydrogen storage
Scientists develop new biobattery for hydrogen storage
Scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt develop new biobattery for hydrogen storage
How ice clouds develop – Asian monsoon influences large parts of Northern Hemisphere
Covid pandemic led to increase in loneliness around world
Multi-million euro grants from Brussels
Active resolution of inflammation: No evidence that specialized lipid messengers are involved
Aprotinin is effective in Covid patients
Digital training at home to beat lockdown frustration
Research team from Goethe University discovers Achilles’ heel of dangerous hospital pathogen
How Chagas pathogen changes intestinal microbiota of predatory bugs
Spintronics: Innovative crystals for future computer electronics
Molecule snapshot by explosion
Development of environmentally friendly bio-shampoos and plant protection agent technologies
Hospital admission with liver cirrhosis: highest mortality rate of all chronic diseases
Einstein’s photoelectric effect: time it takes for an electron to be released
Carcinogenesis: important findings on intracellular signal transmission
Researchers of University of Kent and Goethe-University Frankfurt find explanation why Omicron variant causes less severe disease
Proton translocation pathways in molecular machine of cellular energy metabolism
Green banking – perspective of politics, banks and investors
Joining Forces in Theoretical Natural Sciences
Computer modelling of black hole’s jets supports Einstein’s theory
Biodiversity ‘time machine’ uses artificial intelligence to learn from past
By capsule through bloodstream: How intestinal bacteria communicate with body
Computer modeling explains black hole observations
New Computer Model for Black Holes
Potential new treatment for Covid identified
Goethe University new partner in National High-Performance Computing Alliance
New potential factor contributing to severity of Covid identified
Rhine-Main Universities to join forces for upcoming Excellence Strategy competition
Species extinction seen also in literature
New substance classes for nanomaterials: nano spheres and diamond slivers made of silicon and germanium
Three out of four turtle populations risk cadmium contamination
Flood water: Toxins from riverbed
Backing for Korean Studies
“Golden nail” hammered in: Quarry near Salzgitter becomes global geological reference point
SARS-CoV-2: Achilles’ heel of viral RNA
Effects of remote learning during first lockdown comparable to summer vacation
New technique for studying cancer mutations – approaches for future therapies
Funding decision on four collaborative research centres at Goethe University
Physical activity levels and well-being sink worldwide during coronavirus restrictions – study led by Goethe University
Not All Theories Can Explain Black Hole M87*
In slow motion against antibiotic resistance
SARS-CoV-2 Research: Second possible effective mechanism of remdesivir discovered
How oxygen radicals protect against cancer
Variations on a spike
Old honeypot: oldest direct evidence for honey collecting in Africa
Realistically simulating stock market