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Optical cavities could be key to next generation interferometers
Gravitational waves could be key to answering why more matter was left over after Big Bang
Additional funded research projects following ARC Appeals process
Texas astronomers discover strangely massive black hole in Milky Way satellite galaxy
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Mysterious clouds could offer new clues on dark matter
Physicists create new model to hunt for colliding neutron stars
Short courses aim to bring Einstein’s science into classroom
PPPL speakers and discoveries prominent at 2021 global plasma physics gathering
Scientists discover neutron star mergers primary source of cosmic heavy metals
Where does gold come from? New insights into element synthesis in universe
LLNL-led team uses machine learning to derive black hole motion from gravitational waves
Largest number of Gravitational Waves to date
Black holes of ‘all shapes and sizes’ in new gravitational wave catalogue
Scientists detect a “tsunami” of gravitational waves
Research proposes expansion of universe directly impacts black hole growth
Gravitational ‘kick’ may explain strange shape at center of Andromeda
Taming data deluge
Scientists take significant step forward in detecting Nanohertz Gravitational-wave background
UC Berkeley scientists to lead NASA’s newest space telescope
BICEP3 tightens bounds on cosmic inflation
Astroophysicist leads international workshop to turn plans for crewed lunar observatory into reality
When Galaxies Collide: UConn Astrophysicist Investigating Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
Neutron star collisions are a “goldmine” of heavy elements, study finds
Gravitational Self-Lensing of Massive Black Hole Binaries
Uncovering secrets of ultra-low frequency gravitational waves
With support from Heising-Simons Foundation, theoretical physicists take new approach to search for quantum gravity
Latest Results from Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements
Leading Supercomputing Center Marks Two Decades of Powering Discoveries
Extending LIGO’s Reach Into Cosmos
Researchers develop new approach for detecting superfluid motion
MIT-Catholic University of Louvain: “And they had many children”
UB joins European Researchers’ Night
New Harmony: NIST Researchers Develop Universal Method for Calculating Resonances of Oscillators
Balzan Prize 2021 for Alessandra Buonanno