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NASA extends Cornell-involved Juno, InSight missions
A new way to look for gravitational waves
Study helps unlock secrets of star formation
Remote sensing data sheds light on when and how asteroid Ryugu lost its water
Mystery of Pointy Droplets
Deep, slow-slip action may direct largest earthquakes and their tsunamis
Multiparty entanglement: when everything is connected
Unique prediction of ‘modified gravity’ challenges dark matter
New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
China undermining human rights by locking up rights lawyers, UN independent expert says
Two faculty members earn sought-after NSF Career Awards
New surrender scheme starts to keep dangerous weapons off streets
FMA issues formal warning for market manipulation
Agriculture resilient in face of challenges; poised for growth in 2021
Research shows Black Holes can grow ‘hair’ when spinning
Baby Guerrilla creates Libraries Change Lives mural for Richmond Library
Physicists capture sound of a “perfect” fluid
Screenability filmmakers destined for big screen in 2021
Toyota boosts Gr Supra power and performance
NASA Awards Contract for Flight and Integration Services
4.9 milion euros for unraveling mysteries of black holes
Creating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries
New partnership to bring Aussie volunteers back to sport
Sport Australia and Volunteering Australia team up to bring Aussies back to sport
Proclamation on Veterans Day, 2020
Universe is getting hot, hot, hot, a new study suggests
HMCI commentary findings from visits in October
Asteroid Ryugu shaken by Hayabusa2’s impactor
Three Imperial academics win Institute of Physics awards
Ensuring Safety on Earth from Nuclear Sources in Space
Large tides may have driven evolution of fish towards life on land
Data reveals evidence of molecular absorption in atmosphere of a hot Neptune
LIGO Hanford Breaks Ground for New Exploration Center
Council apologises to Bombala community for tree removal
Sports Championships Program now open
Gravity: More than meets eye
Andrea Ghez ’87 wins a share of 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics
Reinhard Genzel receives Nobel Prize for Physics 2020
Portrait of an exoplanet
Second Alignment Plane of Solar System Discovered
Astronomers model, determine how disk galaxies evolve so smoothly
Researchers test brain stimulation in zero gravity
Shadow of black hole M87* is wobbling
Young physicist ‘squares numbers’ on time travel
A new spin on supermassive black holes
Wobbling shadow of M87* black hole
Astronomers discover first ‘ultrahot Neptune’: one of nature’s improbable planets
First Ultra Hot Neptune LTT 9779b is one of nature’s improbable planets