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Barriers of Hong Kong as an Innovation Hub for High-Tech Development in Greater Bay Area and Improvement Measures
Newly developed compound may enable sustainable, cost-effective, large-scale energy storage
Implication from analog sites in Qaidam Basin, northwestern China
Warm milk makes you sleepy – peptides could explain why
Researchers Signify Ecological Mechanism behind Dredging to Mitigate Lake Cyanobacterial Blooms
Earlier onset of high blood pressure affects brain structure, may increase dementia risk
HKUST Collaborates with HKSAR Government on Solving Regional Ozone Pollution in Greater Bay Area
Calculated risk – new tool to predict mortality in patients with liver failure
Platelet-mediated, beneficial allergic response protects against yeast asthma
Researchers Reveal Friction and Wear Behavior of Tungsten Alloy Balls
Researchers Reveal Anticancer Property of Nanomaterials with Mitosis-targeting Mechanism
Bruisable artificial skin could help prosthetics, robots sense injuries
Pervasive Discrimination Under Two-Child Policy: China
New Strategy Improves Stability of Platinum Group Metal Catalysts
First Complete Natuilus Genome Sequence Helps Unveiling Eye Evolution and Biomineralization
Silver Nanoclusters Inhibit DNA Replication
International police investigation thwarts heroin imports destined for NSW and WA
Climate-friendly Microbes Chomp Dead Plants Without Releasing Heat-trapping Methane
Archaeological Data Demand New Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation
‘Your government makes us go’
HKUMed discovers a novel mediator of liver fibrosis and its underlying mechanism that can be a new therapeutic target
Visionary bone damage study
HKUMed scholars receive 2021 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award
Forum strengthens NZ-China non communicable diseases research collaborations
New Test Predicts Tumors Most Likely to Respond to Radiation, Chemotherapy
Toxin-antitoxin function fuels antibiotic-resistance research
Detecting trace amounts of multiple classes of antibiotics in foods
Forget about trade spat – coal is passé in much of China, and that’s a bigger problem for Australia
Chemists resolve a long-standing challenging problem on Metal-Metal interaction
Threatening extortion scams target the Chinese community in WA