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Research finds relationship between UK’s shallow marine waters and sea surface temperature
New Layer Discovered on Crystal Surface, Preceding Transformation
CityU Scientists Create Energy-Saving 6G Comms Meta-Devices
Soft microrobot for gastric biopsy with magnetic actuation
HKUST, Wuxi Establish Joint Innovation Center
Research Shows Increase in Chinese Epilepsy Cases 1990-2019
George Institute, CUHK Partner to Advance Health in China
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis studies explore key traditional and modern therapeutics
Planning for RSV, Flu Season: Time to Prepare
Genetically-Engineered Bacteria Make Melanin Nanoparticles
Samsung leads in U.S. patents as overall grants hit four-year low
Progress Made on Insulin Tablet Creation
Scientists at CityU Break Efficiency Record with Novel Photovoltaics
HKUMed Discovers Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Subtype, Potential Targets Identified
Team conducting studies of two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenides
Scientists develop intelligent segment routing systems for network management
Australia announces new Consul-General in Guangzhou
Team publishes review of research achievements related to study of extreme heat temperatures
HKUST Showcases Innovations and Venture Collaboration at Industry Engagement Day
HKUST and Bright Dream Robotics Sign Licensing Agreement
Western style in Chinese mediums Enduring Strength and Passion: Chinese and Western Art of Ting Yin Yung
“Kagome” metallic crystal adds new spin to electronics
Creating carbon nanostructures using small organic molecules
Deep-sea organisms research oriented by deep-sea technologies development
Robotic intracellular electrochemical sensing for adherent cells
Clarification of material properties for clearly better displays
Joint Government and Academia efforts to Study and Develop Regional Ozone and Smog Control Strategies
Xinjiang Official Figures Reveal Higher Prisoner Count in China
Spatiotemporal manipulation of femtosecond light pulses for on-chip devices
HKUST Celebrates its Opening Today
Electrically Controlled Exchange-bias Effect Discovered in Magnetic Van Der Waals Heterostructures
Extreme weather in China highlights climate change impacts and need for early warnings
Scientists Identify Liquid-like Atoms in Densely Packed Solid Glasses
HKUST2.0 to Drive Complementary and Collaborative Development of Two Campuses
Increased Air Quality Monitoring Stations Significantly Affect Air Quality Assessments in China
Ashurst advised Guangzhou Development District Investment Group on US$400 million offshore bond issuance
People with poor sleep behaviors may be at risk for fatty liver disease
Human activities increase likelihood of more extreme heatwaves, researchers find
Submission to UN Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in China
HKUST Holds Conversation with National Winter Olympic Team
Turning white blood cells into medicinal microrobots with light
HKUMed & HKUST joint study reports broadly neutralising antibody that protects Syrian hamsters against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants
Joint Study Reports Broadly Neutralizing Antibody against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variants
HKUST & HKUMed joint study reports broadly neutralising antibody that protects Syrian hamsters against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants
Fish feed is greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in China’s aquaculture industry
Avian Influenza: Past, Present, Future
Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder among children, adolescents in US
HKUST Formally Established