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PFAS Makers Concealed Dangers of Forever Chemicals
Adults Doubt E-Cigarettes Have Lower Chemical Harm Than Cigarettes
Adults believe e-cigarettes not safer than traditional cigarettes
Researcher creates eco-friendly turf grass types
World Bee Day 2023: Responsible Agriculture Key for Bees & Pollinators
Protecting Big Blue: Saving Phages
Over 5,000 Tons of Toxic Chemicals Released from Consumer Products Annually in Homes and Workplaces
Greenpeace urges strong Global Plastics Treaty
Commission proposes simpler, digital rules for detergents in Single Market
Companies Ignore Ethiopia Gold Mine Pollution
Microfluidic Device Collects Microplastics Using Acoustic Focusing
Researchers Harness Native Aquatic Plants to Clean Coastal Waters
Facebook Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Risks to Pets Receive Most User Engagement
Scientists develop test to protect novice cannabis farmers from pesticide exposure
Black and Latinx Californians Most Exposed to Oil, Gas Wells
Research Links Oil Production Wastewater to Major Canada Quake
Scientists: Next Epidemic Could Be Detected in Sewage
New Tech Aims to Cut Precious Metal Use in Catalytic Converters
PFAS in Toilet Paper: Keep Health Risks in Perspective
Parliamentary Inquiry to uncover truth about e-cigarettes and vaping
Greens Propose Plan to Regulate Vaping to Reduce Harms
Vanillin from Kraft Lignin
Cancer Council WA Funds Digital Vaping Education Campaign
Canada Bans Lead Wheel Weights: Win for Environment
UN Aims to End Mercury Use in Skin Lightening Products
Countries Join Forces to Ban Mercury in Skin Lighteners
Risk of Diabetes in Women Linked to Phthalate Exposure
UTA planetarium receives $50,000 gift from Women Inspiring Philanthropy
UCF Scientists Cut Precious Metals from Catalytic Converters
What’s in Shampoo, Makeup, Creams and Soap? Chemicals That Change You
Scientists Urge Chemicals Management Shift in US, Canada
Women of Color Driven to Toxic Beauty Products by Racialized Norms
Govt Ministers Celebrate Nat’l Non-Smoking Week
Sustainability key focus in Neuroscience Research Building construction
Lettuce Absorbs Toxic Additives from Car Tyres
New biomaterial to tackle pollution