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Royal Society elects exceptional scientists as Fellows
Faecal Transplant May Slow Early-Stage Motor Neuron Disease: Study
King’s Researchers Help Make Groundbreaking Neutrino Discovery
Humans and Machines to Merge: Will We See It Coming?
Infectious Disease Modellers Awarded Mathematics Prize
Gary Horowitz Awarded 2023 Einstein Prize by APS
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Gov’t Childhood Obesity Program: Is it Helping or Hurting?
Reading out RNA structures in real time
Professor Tim Palmer wins Royal Astronomical Society’s Gold Medal
UCF Battery Could Prevent EV Fires After Hurricanes
Synthetic black holes radiate like real ones
International Gravitational society honours physicist Luciano Rezzolla from Goethe University
ANU physicist making waves in space joins top global society
Researchers decipher, catalog diverse origins of Earth’s minerals
Einstein’s theory of relativity reveals lonely black hole
First image of black hole at centre of our galaxy
Outstanding Academy Fellows elected to Royal Society
Research breakthrough means warp speed ‘Unruh effect’ can finally be tested in lab settings
Physicists embark on hunt for long-sought quantum glow
Quantum in Classroom
$2.9 million from Government of Canada for McGill Research
People of Beechworth to feature in new Burke Museum exhibition
Wormholes help resolve black hole information paradox
Event horizons are tunable factories of quantum entanglement
How women and girls are transforming STEM
Nadine Dorries speech at World Expo Dubai 2020 UK National Day
Warps drive disruptions in planet formation in young solar systems
Unraveling mystery: Research explores longevity and ALS
Lancaster University academic takes on Royal Society of Arts role
BAS scientist awarded Gold Medal by Royal Astronomical Society
New approach to make AI-generated voices more expressive
Resolving black hole ‘fuzzball or wormhole’ debate
MIT’s top research stories of 2021
Are black holes and dark matter same?
Black holes and dark matter – are they one and same?
Cardiff University heads to EXPO 2020 Dubai
Caltech and Amazon Partner to Create New Hub of Quantum Computing
History from Penrose to Hawking
Professor Antti Kupiainen receives international award in mathematical physics
Out of this world
Physicists discover black holes exert pressure in serendipitous scientific first
New theory ‘detects’ light in darkness of vacuum
Researchers uncover key role for proteins involved in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease
ASIC’s approach to new laws reforming financial services sector
Hawking’s black hole theorem observationally confirmed
Physicists observationally confirm Hawking’s black hole theorem for first time
Bernard F. Schutz Elected as Fellow of Royal Society