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Collaboration offers personalized treatment for asthma and COPD patients
Detecting exhaustion with smart sportswear
1.7 Million Euros for Healthy Lifestyle Research for Teens
Support for passage of NRF legislation through Senate
Dame Barbara Windsor Mission to Beat Dementia: Sector Leaders to Lead Progress
Adhesive Protein Aids Bone Regeneration by Attracting Stem Cells
UCL Academic Heads UK Taskforce on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
UK Government to consider radical new approach to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular disease
Tailored support and exercise don’t help reluctant quitters
Minister Ng Expands CAN Health Network
Research Finds NFL Concussions Impact Players Decades After Retirement
Yale’s Largest Entrepreneurship Awards Competes in Tsai CITY
NFL Retirees Show Lasting Cognitive Impairment from Concussions
Seaweed Skin Revolutionizes Health, Fitness Sensor Tech
Australian Cell and Gene Catalyst takes step forward
AI & Digital Healthcare Tech Framework Launched
HKUST, PhIRDA Launch Innovation and Research Platforms
HKUST Welcomes 2023-2024 Budget
NSW Govt. Forms International Partnership to Boost Health Research
NSW Health Forms International Partnership for Medical Research
ESC and RHF Team Up to Revolutionize Healthcare
High Drug Prices Unjustified Despite R&D Spending
Griffith University partners with healthtech accelerator program
Suicide Rates Higher in Areas of Greater Latitude: Study
Summit to Boost Digital Health Safety, Quality and Improvement
Older Diabetes Patients Struggle with Blood Sugar Monitors’ Use
O’Brien team wins NIH prize to further develop maternal health device
Canada Grows Medical Diagnostics Co. in Kanata, Creates Jobs
AI Could Help Ensure Safer Prescribing for People with ID and Epilepsy
Minister Vandal Boosts Jobs, Businesses in Calgary
Fed Funding Boosts Job, Biz Growth in Calgary
New project on musical robots for people with dementia
COVID Vaccine Rollout Saved Australia $181B: Modeling
COVID Vaccine Rollout Saves Australia $181 Billion
COPD Clinic creates remote patient monitoring program to reduce hospital readmissions
Moving WHO guidance on antibiotics into heart of clinical practice
OHSU partners with semiconductor company to develop smartwatch that detects suicidality in teens
New mobile health technology for sleep apnea care to meet individual patient needs
New Horizon Europe research project to improve affordability and sustainability of innovative health technologies
Rhodes Scholar on mission to improve rural and remote health
Swinburne researchers share in $221 million for ARC Discovery Projects
IoPPN researchers announced winners of 2022 ACAMH Awards
Save Children announces new global investment entity to deliver social benefit to millions of children
What happens if your medical records are incomplete?
AI transforms smartwatch ECG signals into diagnostic tool for heart failure
Insulin and health technology manufacturers make commitments in support of WHO asks
Recruitment milestone reached in breast cancer trial
Reducing impacts of chlamydia in Australia