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Ficlatuzumab plus chemotherapy may benefit patients with relapsed/refractory AML
Can turmeric reduce joint pain during breast cancer treatment?
ASH Chooses Wiley to Publish ASH Clinical News Starting in 2022
MUSC Hollings clinical trial gives cancer patients new hope
A promising two-punch therapy for Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Two studies by CU Cancer Center researchers explore link between inflammation and leukemia
Restoring molecular clock suppresses neuroblastoma tumor growth
Novel risk score for predicting blood cancer relapse
Women and men are each underrepresented in clinical trials of different medical fields
Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s again named a top pediatric cancer program
Early career investigator receives federal funding to research lethal prostate cancer
A ride to remember: Cancer survivor prepares for LOWVELO 2021
Combination targeted therapy provides durable remission for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Avocados and Leukemia: Fruit May Offer Better Treatment
Genetic base editing treats sickle cell disease in mice
Rapid, At-Home Blood Test Could Confirm COVID-19 Vaccination in Minutes
Gene therapy appears more cost effective than current treatments for severe hemophilia B
Grants to improve access to care for NYC blood cancer patients
Health status of vulnerable gopher tortoises revealed in Southeastern Florida
New mapping technique reveals epigenetic drivers of cancers
Esophageal Cancers Resurrect Ancient Retroviruses Hidden in Our Genome
Researchers speed identification of DNA regions that regulate gene expression
CSL Behring Announces Agreement with uniQure
Spotlight on Jingjing Shang
New test detects residual cancer DNA in blood without relying on tumor data
Medical societies call for evidence-based EU health policy and regulation
Artificial intelligence model developed by Finnish researchers predicts which key of immune system opens locks of coronavirus
Two blood thinners at once: More risk with same reward
UPMC Hillman Names New Hematology Oncology Chief
Baylor and TCH researchers honored with AACR Team Science Award
CHOP-led Research Study Identifies Key Target in Treatment-Resistant Hemophilia A
Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant
Delaying first spinal tap may lower risk of pediatric leukemia relapse
Researchers Find Ribosome Assembly Essential for Stem Cell Regeneration
Invasive weed may help treat some human diseases, researchers find
Pfizer Initiates Pivotal Phase 2 MagnetisMM-3 Trial of BCMA-CD3 Bispecific Antibody Elranatamab
Dana-Farber Medical Oncology Chair receives Sjöberg Prize for cancer research
Tumor microenvironment helps aggressive lymphomas
Gene critical to immune cell development identified
Researchers Uncover A Previously Underappreciated Mechanism that Turns Off Clotting Factor in Hemophilia A
Looking at Us: ‘The Lab’ at UConn Health
Researcher’s oncology efforts recognized by national journal
PET Imaging Tracer Proves Effective for Diagnosing and Managing Rare CNS B-Cell Lymphoma
Circulating tumor DNA indicates increased risk of relapse after stem cell transplant
CRISPR-edited CAR T Cells Enhance Fight Against Blood Cancers
Combination of chemotherapy and blinatumomab improves survival for patients with B-cell acute lymphoblastic
CAR T cell therapy effective as first-line treatment for high-risk large B-cell lymphoma
New Biomarker Identifies Patients with Aggressive Lymphoma Who Don’t Respond to Precision Therapy