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More ways, to save more lives, for less money: World Health Assembly adopts more Best Buys to tackle noncommunicable diseases
Diet Contributes to Risk of HPV-Related Cancer: LSU Study
HPV Transmission and Persistence in Pregnant Women and Neonates
New Equipment Helping Fight Against Cervical Cancer
HPV Self-Collection Kits Boost Screening Among Under-Served Women in NC
Under-Screened Women Receive Mailed Kits, Cervical Cancer Screening Doubles
US Clinical Trial Suggests Mailing At-Home HPV Sampling Kits Doubles Cervical Screening Uptake
NIH Uncovers New Details on Rare Immune Disease
Community Health Van Offers Vaccine to Prevent 6 Types of Cancer
NIH Researchers Discover New Details on Rare Immune Disease
Saliva Test Detects Hidden Throat Cancer, Call for Clinical Trial
ACS Report: COVID curbs smoking, alcohol, inactivity, worsens obesity, cancer screening
Vaccinations Fall Behind After Pandemic Push
Global Partners Launch Big Catch-up to Restore Child Immunization Lost During Pandemic
Health Workers Championed to Lead Vaccination Efforts in Uganda
Research Finds Young Adults with Cancer at Higher Risk for HPV-Related Cancers
Cancer Center Earns NCI Grant to Boost Head and Neck Cancer Immunotherapy
Oral cancer warning
Oregon State scientists create rapid cervical cancer drug evaluation model
Oregon State Researchers Develop New Model for Rapidly Evaluating Cervical Cancer Drugs
Research: Covid school closures left adolescents without crucial vaccines
Barriers to Pharmacist-Administered Vaccinations in QLD Challenged
Unusual drug combo shows promise for advanced head, neck cancer without HPV
Cost-Effective HPV Kits for Home Cervical Cancer Screening
Potential New Immunotherapy Target for Head/Neck Cancer Found
Glendonbrook Foundation donates $5M to Kirby Institute
We can eliminate cervical cancer
Teeth Care May Prevent Chronic Joint Pain
Tech Innovation offers Hope for Head/Neck Cancer Treatment
Covid pandemic impact on adolescent vaccination – new report
Young people eligible for free catch-up vaccination against HPV
LGBTQI+ cancer resource released in Australia by Cancer Council NSW
Landmark LGBTQI+ cancer resource released in Australia
School immunisations for teenagers
HPV Link to Head, Neck Cancer Confirmed
Human papillomavirus vaccine schedule change
Change to single dose HPV vaccine
NIH grant to improve HIV-related cancer care abroad
Hard To Lose’ Mutations In Tumors May Predict Response To Immunotherapy
Hard-to-Lose Mutations Predict Immunotherapy Response in Tumors
Exercise and Nutrition Cut HPV Infection Risk: Study
HPV Vaccine Coverage Drops Among Secondary School Pupils
What to Know about HPV and Throat Cancer
ACON Launches ‘Own It’ Campaign: Cervical Screening Options Revolutionized
American Cancer Society Launches Initiative to Address Prostate Resurgence, Disparities
Study finds increase in women 65 and older dying of cervical cancer
Believers in Conspiracy Theories More Likely to Back Cancer Myths
WHO Updates Guidelines on HPV Vaccine to Save Lives