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Cervical cancer rates for women highest in New York City’s lowest socioeconomic neighborhoods
Prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy reduces cancer risk in HIV patients
Single-dose HPV vaccine highly effective, researchers say
WHO and partners unite for Day of Action for Cervical Cancer Elimination
Teens’ immunisation catch-up
$9.97m funding to scale up infectious disease testing in remote Indigenous communities
Dana-Farber awarding $4 million to improve community health through increased access to services in Greater Boston
Information regarding immunisations for adolescents
Self-testing at home will improve equity of outcomes for non-European women
HPV vaccine reduces cervical cancer by 87%
Vaccines are overwhelmingly safe but cognitive biases are holding hesitant back, according to new paper
UN honours Henrietta Lacks, whose cells transformed medical research worldwide
WHO Director-General Bestows Posthumous Award on Late Henrietta Lacks
Scientists find cervical cancer screening is overused – and underused as well
Treating anal cancer precursor lesions reduces cancer risk for people with HIV
Hesitancy over HPV vaccine has stabilized or risen in some subgroups
Scientists uncover link between genital warts and immune system
Princess Margaret Cancer Center researchers refine test to achieve ‘ultrasensitive’ detection of HPV in bloodstream
World Dental Congress 2021: latest in dentistry and oral health
HPV vaccine safety concerns of parents
Expectant mothers who have HPV could be at high risk of giving birth prematurely
Low-poverty US communities may eliminate cervical cancer by 2030 but high-poverty communities may lag behind
Immunotherapy for HPV+ head and neck cancer: awakening force within
LEEP more effectively clears high-risk HPV in HIV+ women
Quality data crucial for improving adolescents’ health and well-being in countries across world
Mount Sinai Receives NCI Grant to Study Anal Cancer Screening in High-Risk Women
Want to help improve cancer outcomes? Get your Covid vaccination
Cervical cancer rates stable or trending down in countries with effective screening measures
DNA assay predicts treatment response in head and neck carcinoma
American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology discusses updated American Cancer Society guidelines on cervical cancer
Message from Director SRH/HRP 15 July
Liverpool Head and Neck Centre researchers awarded five cancer research grants totalling £5.7m
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 51 million deaths in LMICs
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 50 million deaths in LMICs
WHO guideline for screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer lesions for cervical cancer prevention
New recommendations for screening and treatment to prevent cervical cancer
Self-collected cervical screening is a great way to prevent cervical cancer
Further action to tackle cervical cancer
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Surviving Head and Neck Cancer
Blood test promising for predicting response in metastatic HPV-positive throat cancer
Funding success for cervical cancer screening in Papua New Guinea
Baylor College of Medicine recruiting participants for throat cancer screening study
Social media may influence parents’ views on HPV vaccination
Oncotarget: E6-specific inhibitors as therapeutics for HPV+ head and neck carcinomas
Common vaccine protects against more HPV viruses than previously known
50 years of progress in women’s health
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and other top U.S. cancer centers call for urgent action to get cancer-preventing HPV vaccination
HPV vaccine shows success in gay, bisexual men