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“False Information” Law Threatens Free Speech in Kyrgyzstan
Immediately Repeal Emergency Regulation that Threatens Online Freedoms in Thailand
Strengthen Border Monitoring System: Croatia/EU
New Abuses by Both Sides in Cameroon
Urgent Need to Fast-Track Talks: Killer Robots
Renewed Judicial Harassment of Rights Defenders in Egypt
Coup Leads to Crimes Against Humanity in Myanmar
Law Enforcement Officials must be Held Accountable for Crimes against People of African Descent and Alternative Approaches
Human Rights Council Adopts Universal Periodic Review Outcomes of Federated States of Micronesia, Lebanon, Mauritania
Human Rights Council Adopts Universal Periodic Review Outcomes of Australia, Saint Lucia, and Nepal
Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar Tells Human Rights Council that International Community is Failing People
Crackdown on Government Critics: Kazakhstan
Human Rights Watch Submission to South Africa Department of Justice
Human Rights Watch Submission to Africa Regional Review on Implementation of Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
Tibetan Monks Harshly Sentenced: China
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Gender-equal Socioeconomic Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic
Systematic Abuses in Venezuela under UN Scrutiny
Torture, Ill-Treatment by Armed Groups in East: Ukraine
New Counterterror Laws Threaten Rights: Senegal
Court Finds State Responsible for Trans Killing: Honduras
Statement on Journalist and Human Rights Defender Andrei Aliaksandrau
Submission to Committee on Rights of Child Review of Sierra Leone
Submission to Committee on Rights of Child on Bhutan
Security Forces Arrest Defense Lawyers: Myanmar
Drop Proposal for New Militia: Philippines
Prioritize Home, Community-Based Services for Older People: US
UN Should Ensure Independent Oversight of UN Counter-Terrorism Architecture
Statement on “Emergence of Convergence” to CCW informal meeting on lethal autonomous weapons systems
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Effects of Climate Change on Older People
Clampdown on Artists, Journalists: Cuba
Houthis Subject Model to Unfair Trial: Yemen
Raids on Migrants Hinder Vaccine Access: Malaysia
Go8 universities committed to providing a safe, secure environment for students and staff
New Climate Law a Step in Right Direction: Canada
Universities Australia condemns all forms of coercion on campus and in classroom
Beijing Threatening Academic Freedom: Australia
UN Makes Landmark Call to Address Systemic Racism
Pardons a Meager Response to Abusive Law: Sri Lanka
Hold Security Forces Accountable for Torture: Bangladesh
Beijing Dismantles a Free Society: Hong Kong
Statement on Compliance, Mine Ban Treaty Intersessional Meetings
Submission to Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Review of Niger
Bolster Justice for Grave Crimes Globally: US
Post-Déby Crackdown, Abuses: Chad
Human Rights Organizations Urge Transparency and Accountability for Egypt’s Alleged Role in Khashoggi’s Murder
High Commissioner for Human Rights Presents Report on Situation of Human Rights
UN Rights Council needs to address China, Ethiopia, systemic racism and climate change
Human Rights Council Begins Interactive Discussion with High Commissioner for Human Rights on her Annual Report and Concludes