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Fritillary butterflies preserve genetic diversity and survive, sporadically interbreeding with their very distant relatives
PirB functions as an intrinsic suppressor in hippocampal neural stem cells
Magpies on swoop
Machine learning analysis finds 50 conserved genes in both Drosophila fruit flies and humans strongly linked to neurological aging
Where Have All Birds Gone?
Fast and safe vaccines, fire-proofing forests, searching for owls, re-designing super foods, virtual space travel and more
Red light vision of rodents
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Championing chrononutrition with protein, morning elixir for muscle growth
Newly discovered role for CTP in ensuring faithful cell division in bacteria
Removing lead hazard from perovskite solar cells
Scientists Identify New Gut-liver Drug Recycling Process
€1 Million Prize for Plastics-to-Protein Research Awarded to Steve Techtmann, Ting Lu