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Some monkeys might pull poker face
European Grant for Mariska Kret’s Virtual Reality emotion training tool
Machine learning radically reduces workload of cell counting for disease diagnosis
Chimpanzees combine calls to form numerous vocal sequences
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals submits for approval of early-phase trial
Newly discovered neural network gets visual and motor circuits in sync
Evenings with Genetics: Does genetics influence behavior?
How Nature Compels Us to Overeat
Toilet to tap – How are we able to safely drink water we’ve flushed?
Infants preferentially perceive faces in upper visual field
Greens Plan to Care for Country on Earth Day
Cortisol in shelter dog hair reveals signs of stress
Global decline in nitrogen availability has consequences for many natural ecosystems
NIST Supports Measurements of Vitamins in Dietary Supplement Tablets
Tiny robot cheetah breaks speed record
Estrogen and testosterone deficiency linked to higher rates of rotator cuff repair
Statement on Ukraine from OPCW spokesperson
Researchers Find Enhanced Fatty Acid Oxidation as Key Metabolic Signature in Centenarians
Functional rat germ cells, produced from stem cells in vitro, enable birth of offspring
What shaking container can teach us about touch
Canada and Manitoba invest more than $2 million to strengthen animal disease preparedness
What do nutrients do for plants?
NASA Astronaut to Discuss American Space Record in News Conference
How Does Seed Dormancy Adapt in Space and Time?
Investment to help Australian businesses tap into India’s booming space industry
New estimation strategy improves soil carbon sampling in agricultural fields
What regulates ‘glue’ needed for nerve repair?
Dopamine triggers sleep state transitions
Sharks sleep with eyes wide open
USA Today: Lawmakers push legislation to protect doctors who prescribe ivermectin for Covid
Possible mosquito borne disease in Port Stephens
Beware flood waters carrying animal diseases
Mosquito-borne encephalitis virus detected
Darwinian theory of gradual process explained in new research
Recommendations announced for influenza vaccine composition for 2022-2023 northern hemisphere influenza season
A new “genealogy of everyone” enables a comprehensive understanding of human family
Senior enlisted leaders answer Enlisted Force Development Action Plan questions on Reddit ‘AMA’
Early life treatment prevents autism symptoms from developing
National ‘scabinar’ to address important wheat disease
New Study Unveils Subjective Optimality in Finite Sequential Decision-Making
World’s most unwanted plants help trees make more fruit
See zoo animals in different light at WPCC
NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals reports outcomes of pre-clinical studies
Chromosomes almost unchanged for over 600 million years
Surveys with repetitive questions yield bad data
To Save Energy in Extreme Situations, Go Faster
Overweight dogs respond well to high-protein, high-fiber diet