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Varying Routes Lead to Photosynthesis Center
President von der Leyen Addresses Tripartite Social Summit
Re-imagining Fertilizer Synthesis: Attention to Detail Essential
Minds wide open
Re-imagining Fertilizer Precursor Synthesis: Devil in Details
Neutrinos Used to Image Proton
CAS Unveils Highly Sensitive Dopamine Sensor
Fortescue’s statement on release of IPCC report
Greens Demand Answers on Brown-Coal-to-Hydrogen Project
Green Hydrogen: Water Splitting May Compete with Fossil Fuels
Space telescope probes chemistry around newborn star
Bacteria Yields Greener Catalysts
Researchers Create Yeast with High-Level β-Elemene Synthesis
NZ Moves to Develop Clean Energy Sources
$70m Townsville Region Hydrogen Hub grants now open
Nanorippled graphene becomes catalyst
New AI model transforms research on metal-organic frameworks
AI Model Revamps Understanding of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Researchers Create New Alkaline Membrane for Exchange
Neutron-rich nuclei reveal how heavy elements form
Life in smoke of underwater volcanoes
Alternative fuel use – regulatory status mapped
Researchers Use Calcium Materials to Reduce Arsenic in Soil
Nature Inspires Safe Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis
Latrobe Valley receives hydrogen investment hope
Under Sec. Fernandez visits Houston for CERAWeek
Carbon-based Single Atom Catalysts for Energy Conversion Advances
Simon Stähler awarded 2023 AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize
Exoplanet Iron Atmos, Unusual Orbit Found in Novel Study
University of Seville Studies Water’s Role in PEM Fuel Cells
Durham Univ. Seeks Carbon-Free Helium Sources to Avoid Supply Crisis
NSW’s first hydrogen bus trial underway on Central Coast
Huge demand for latest NSW clean technology research funding
Quantum Chemistry: Molecules caught tunneling
Quantum Molecules Found Tunnelling: Chemistry Breakthrough
First ever Canadian lunar rover will hunt for water ice on moon
UNIDO Reform: Progress Through Innovation
Astronomers Spot Metal-Rich Galaxies in Early Universe
Chaos Found on Nanometer Scale
Chinese Academy Devises Copper Nanocluster Synthesis Strategy
Copper Catalyst Used for Ethynylethylene Carbonates Rearrangement
CAS Study Unveils Electrocatalyst for OER in Acidic Environments
Chinese Academy: Theoretical Backing for Pressure Mode Pulsations on White Dwarf
Magnetic Induction Heating Synthesizes Co/C Nanocomposites for Oxygen Evolution
Resetting conversation on climate
New Etching Method Boosts Smartphone Circuit Performance
Delivering future waste services for Canberra
New Hydrophobic Sieve Enhances Sensing of H2S Moisture