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Pandemic Hits Vulnerable Neighborhoods Hard Into 2nd Year
Virginia Tech Researchers Find More Effective Syphilis Treatment Candidates
Disparities in Identifying and Mitigating Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections
Balancing Lockdowns and Vaccines in Pandemic
Covid Public Health Emergency Ends, Lessons Continue
Addressing Scientific Racism and Eugenics in Classroom
Guidance: Stop Antibiotics After Incision Closure
Australia Aims to End HIV Transmission and Improve Health Equity for LGBTIQA+
Most Child Victims of Gun Violence are Innocent Bystanders: New Research
Computational Analysis Reveals Evolution of Dengue Virus in India
Free Rapid Antigen Tests now available at Council venues
Research: No Evidence That Shielding Reduced COVID-19 Infections in Wales
Tranexamic Acid Ineffective in Preventing Maternal Hemorrhage After Cesarean Delivery
Is Another COVID Winter Coming? Calm Before Another Peak?
England sees varied Covid case rates across ethnic, religious, and social groups
Ethnic, Religious, Social Differences in Case Rates Between COVID-19 Waves in England
Disrupted Ecosystems Increase Bat Coronavirus Infections
Native American Tribes Struggle in Pandemic without Water
COVID Setbacks: Urgent Action Needed for TB Progress
Plan to eliminate HIV transmission published
HSS Study Finds MISB Doesn’t Affect Flatfoot in Bunion Treatment
Schools Need Infectious Disease Protection Cloak
COVID-19: What’s Next After Three Years of Pandemic
COVID Survey Participants Thanked for Pandemic Response
Adolescents’ Spine Range of Motion Measured Via 3D Scans
Intraoperative 3-D Imaging Improves Spine Surgery Accuracy
Parasitic Infections Common in Low-Resource US Kids: Study
Liver Cirrhosis Tied to Lower Vaccine Response, Not Efficacy
Parents Worry Over HIV Prevention for Sexual and Gender Minority Teens
Mental Health of Carers Suffered ‘Divorce-level’ Decline During Lockdowns
Carers’ Mental Health Deteriorated in Lockdowns Similar to Divorce
Lockdowns linked with drop in preterm births
All adults now eligible for 2023 Covid booster dose
Statistics research reveals Vitamin D, Covid link
Ethnic Inequality Driven by Higher Covid Infection Risk: Study
Cold viruses may have helped curb Africa’s Covid deaths
UConn John Dempsey Hospital Wins 7 Women’s Choice Awards for Best Hospital
All adults now eligible for 2023 Covid booster dose
ATAGI 2023 booster advice
Black, Hispanic Dialysis Patients at Higher Risk of Staph Infections
Smart Stitches Reduce Infections & Streamline Post-Op Care
Smart Stitches Reduce Infections & Streamline Post-Op Care
Smart stitches to reduce infection, simplify post op monitoring
Hospital Patients At Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance From Hidden Bacteria
Air monitors to identify virus ‘hotspots’
How much of a boost do “booster” COVID-19 jabs give?
Dual COVID & Flu Vaccines Cut Infection Rates: UNF Study
COVID cases drop to lowest level in over month