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New study will assess impact of Covid vaccination on Canadians with immune-mediated inflammatory disease
Research finds origins of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Targeting gut to relieve rheumatoid arthritis
Novel mechanism links genetic defect in IBD patients to gut leakiness
Covid vaccine elicits antibodies in 90%taking immunosuppressants
Covid Vaccines Produce Immune Responses in Patients With Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
Drug delivery capsule could replace injections for protein drugs
New study to test third Covid vaccine for people with weakened immune systems
Why does SARS-CoV-2 shape-shift wildly from one person to next, causing barely sniffle in some
Potential new therapeutic approach for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
Treating our own: Turning to colleagues for cancer care
Outcomes of psoriasis treatment can be predicted by white blood cell response to test, scientists discover
Rare disorder offers roadmap for understanding inflammatory disease
Rare disorder offers roadmap for understanding roots of inflammatory disease
Largest-Ever Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Study Identifies Potential Treatment Targets
No IgA leads to intestinal inflammation
Enhancing drug delivery with ultrasound
Robotic Surgery’s ‘Big Difference’
Can CBD help people with psoriasis find relief?
Enzymatic approach for targeted treatment of intestinal inflammation
Artificial intelligence could be new blueprint for precision drug discovery
Signs Are in Matrix
COVID-19 vaccine: Antibody response weakened in patients receiving methotrexate
For pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease, factors associated with statural growth differ by sex
Study identifies gut microbes associated with toxicity to combined checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma patients
COVID-19 clears up rapidly after stool transplant to treat bacterial infection
Beyond CAR-T: New Frontiers in Living Cell Therapies
Fecal transplant plus fibre supplements improve insulin sensitivity
XELJANZ PBS-listed for patients with moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis
More Efficient Tests May One Day Replace Endoscopy
Researchers identify new approach to treat inflammatory disorders while preserving protection against opportunistic infections
Probiotic shows promise for treating intestinal inflammation disorders
Switching from Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin, joint inflammation
Researchers use new materials to create blood vessels in lab to investigate how to mend them
Children’s Miracle Network awards grants to UC Davis Children’s Hospital for 2021-2023
Could Yogurt in Diet Help Diagnose Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Future?
Stents inspired by paper-cutting art can deliver drugs to GI tract
UPMC Forms Realyze Intelligence to Drive Patient Care with AI
Rachel’s story – Living with Crohn’s disease
Manipulating gut microbes to improve human health topic of next Oregon State Science Pub
‘Good’ Bacteria Show Promise for Clinical Treatment of Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
AGA recommends early use of biologics in patients with moderate-to-severe Crohn’s disease
Dental School Researcher Gets Approval to Begin Clinical Trials for Cancer Therapy
‘Smart Toilet’ Uses Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Bowel Health
Smart toilet may soon analyze stool for health problems
Researchers grow mini-organs to study brain development and disease
Western diet may increase risk of gut inflammation, infection
Work brings scientist closer to developing tests that could predict disease risk or identify disease