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Study links Antibiotic use to inflammatory bowel disease in older adults 25 May
Living with dogs as toddler might protect against Crohn’s disease 25 May
Pfizer Presents ELEVATE Pivotal Findings Demonstrating Etrasimod’s Potentially Best-in-Class Profile
Living with dogs as toddler might protect against Crohn’s disease
Mount Sinai Microbiome Lab Joins NIH’s Accelerating Medicines Partnership
New paper examines ethical challenges in microbiome research
Study links Antibiotic use to inflammatory bowel disease in older adults
Massive single-cell atlas across human tissues highlights cell types where disease genes are active
Four QIMR Berghofer scientists awarded prestigious Fellowships
Sweet discovery could drive down inflammation, cancers and viruses
Study Identifies Potential Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
NIH should create an Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, says new report
Class Acts: Morgan Pfeiffer
“Digital twins” – an aid to give individual patients right treatment at right time
IBD causing bacteria discovered in mice
Fecal transplants reverse hallmarks of aging
Covid vaccination highly effective in individuals with immune-related inflammatory diseases
Can coordinated care help patients with high-risk IBD?
Single course of antibiotics affects gut microbiota of infants
E. coli bacteria exploits Crohn’s disease inflammation
New knowledge on lymphoid cell maturity could lead to more effective IBD therapies
Invest more to cut bowel disorder hospital cases
Immune response to parasitic worms
Covid vaccine protects patients with inflammatory bowel disease from Covid
Covid Vaccine protects sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease
An immune ‘fingerprint’ finds path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
Pfizer Announces Positive Top-line Results from Yearlong Phase 3 Trial of Etrasimod in Ulcerative Colitis
Rates of Crohn’s and Colitis have been vastly underestimated for decades, says new study
Pfizer Announces Positive Top-Line Results for Phase 3 Trial of Etrasimod in Ulcerative Colitis Patients
Decrease in relapses of Crohn’s disease in youth
Investigators uncover small molecule to engineer intestinal cell types
Colon Cancer Is Skewing Younger
Toxin-producing yeast strains in gut fuel IBD
Findings bring scientists step closer to developing small-molecule and bacterial treatments
Countering gut inflammation
Long term exposure to air pollution linked to heightened autoimmune disease risk
Deciphering gut microbiome ‘chatter’ to combat IBD
Hope for inflammatory bowel disease with novel “green” synthesis of drug candidate
Life-saving medicines unaffordable as PBS co-pay heads to $50 script
Discovery may help reduce side effects of MS drugs
New discovery may help reduce side effects of multiple sclerosis drugs
Funding for immunocompromised Covid booster trial
Study: Taller Adults May be at Increased Risk for Colorectal Cancer
Scientists develop “auditing” tool to improve reliability of studies that explore relationships
Penn Study Uncovers How Pancreatic Cells Reprogram Themselves to Limit Immune Response in Patients
Why inflammation is important
Dual Functions of Interleukin-1 Receptor-Like 2 Cytokine
Researchers get $1.25M in federal funding