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‘Background’ adverse event study will inform global COVID vaccine safety monitoring
IV International Forum of Gran Sasso and Euro-African Conference of Rectors
UC Davis Clinical Translational Science Center awarded 5-year grant renewal from NIH
Young rising stars to represent Australia in international maths and informatics Olympiad teams
CogStack wins an Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award
Algorithm reveals mysterious foraging habits of narwhals
Baylor, Vera Whole Health collaborates on clinics to serve area employers
COVID-19 reinfection rate less than 1% for those with severe illness
EHRs not meeting challenges of primary care according to new study
Five VP&S Teams Awarded Vagelos Precision Medicine Grants
A new mechanism behind continuous stem cell activity in plants
Big Ideas Competition winners announced
Essential workers’ tweets show surprising positivity during pandemic
Funding for research collaborations with external parties
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
Online ‘library of properties’ helps to create safer nanomaterials
International coalition classifies 25 subtypes of uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease
Quantifying role of chance in professional football
Recording Brain Activity with Laser Light
DSC Awards Funding for Data-Driven Research at Informatics Institute
How Pokémon GO ‘kept people sane’ during lockdown
World-first multiple sclerosis global image database launched
Study upgrades one of largest databases of neuronal types
Sustaining Arctic Data Center enables research advances by using open data
Finnish biodiversity information management inspires globally
Study of police language aims to find patterns that may lead to tragic outcomes
New AI technology protects privacy in healthcare settings
Scientific Software – Quality not Always Good
Penn State researchers use AI to analyze patient satisfaction
COVID-19 associated with increased mental health issues in children
Evidence Suggests Bubonic Plague had Long-Term Effect on Immunity Genes
Christof Monz appointed professor of Language Technology
AI accelerates hybrid learning in Moscow
King’s success in hateful memes challenge
Show Me Your Playlist And I’ll Tell You Who You Are
Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Prescribed Less Later in Day
Integrating medical imaging and cancer biology with deep neural networks
Learning on fly: Computational model demonstrates similarity in how humans and insects learn
AI system may improve diagnosis of complicated metastatic cancers
Speeding new treatments
Show me your playlist and I’ll tell you who you are
NYU Abu Dhabi researchers design simulator to help stop spread of ‘fake news’
Amazon Alexa skill offers supportive care to breast cancer patients
PolyU develops a range of advanced patented technologies to expedite smart city development in Hong Kong
UZH Awards Seven Honorary Doctorates
Tracing start of starch granules in wheat
Advancing society through inclusive AI technology
Emergency EMR created in a week to respond to COVID-19 crisis