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Field maintenance closures
Turning houses into ‘lethal mosquito lures’ nearly halves incidence of malaria in children in African trial
Lethal house lures help reduce incidence of malaria in children
Researcher aims to find out which insects are best at eating pests
Online edition of Insect Fear Film Festival to feature pandemic vectors: fleas
Common agricultural pesticide may be putting hummingbirds at risk: University of Toronto study
It’s complicated: Parachuting cats land at MOD. for new exhibition
Summer weather conditions influence winter survival of honey bees
Replacing toxic chlorine and bromine
Managing flystrike
Chemical attraction – new pheromone-based bed bug lure to help better detect infestations
Common pesticides stop bees and flies from getting a good night’s sleep
More good news for wombat mange research
Researcher studying disease-causing fungus in Carlsbad bats
Fightback starts against fall armyworm
Study: Bumble bees lacking high-quality habitat have higher pathogen loads
Sightings of locusts in Tambo Valley
Bermudagrass versus Armyworm
Early research to guide insecticide use for fall armyworm
Profile: Dr Collins Tabu, Head of Immunization Programme, Ministry of Health, Kenya
Check your home-grown fruit and veggies for maggots
Victorians encouraged to look for locusts
Ecological theory provides insights on pesticide use in agriculture
City Oval primed as competitive sport returns
Study: As Mid-Atlantic’s Native Bee Populations Decline, an Exotic Species Proliferates
Preventive drugs halve malaria cases in African schoolchildren
Crop protection forum – save date
Insights Into a Tiny Insect That Causes Big Damage
Mosquito activity to increase following heavy rain
Yellow Dwarf Virus infections increase in cereal crops
Two Pesticides Approved for Use in U.S. Found to Harm Bees
Insect Armageddon: low doses of insecticide, Imidacloprid, cause blindness in insects
Renewed online atlas provides better mapping of pesticides in surface waters
Tree treatment resumes in battle to control beetle damage
Elm Leaf Beetle Program
New tool cuts Russian wheat aphid action threshold guesswork
Protecting our beautiful elm trees
Tips for grain pits
Encouraging results from wombat mange trial
Corteva to launch new organic insecticide to Australian market
Insect repellent can advance malaria elimination agenda
New study finds agricultural pesticides can affect prawns and oysters
Researchers help endangered birds beat deadly parasite
Nootkatone Now Registered by EPA
How maths modelling helps to eradicate banana bunchy top virus, QUT study
Oval upgrades at Willoughby Park and Bales Park
Enhancing food production with bee-friendly pesticides
Resources put growers on front foot against FAW