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New Research Training Group at Institute of Physics
IOP Publishing hosts inaugural Environmental Research conference to unite efforts to tackle environmental threats
Bernard F. Schutz Elected as Fellow of Royal Society
Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology
New boost in quantum technologies
Emma Mamisoa Nomena in Forbes 30 under 30
Flood risk to new homes in England and Wales will increase in disadvantaged areas
TPU scientists first study composition of pore waters in methane cold seep of eastern Arctic seas
IOP Publishing’s new name-change policy supports greater inclusion in publishing
IOP Publishing announces winners of 2020 Reviewer of Year Awards
New research uncovers mysteries behind little swirling groups of atoms
Atom interferometry demonstrated in space for first time
Winner of 2020 Nanotechnology Young Researcher Award
Spin Defects Under Control
Insightful looks at nature and role of science by two former PPPL insiders
1º of global warming causes a ~50% increase in population displacement risk
Flat brain organoids grown on 3D-printed scaffolds show intrinsic gyrification
IOP Publishing’s new state-of-the-art elearning hub to boost peer review knowledge and competency for a future generation
Cees van Rijn named professor by special appointment of Microfluidics and Nanotechnology
IOP Publishing releases 2020 highlights report
CSIRO moves towards Open Access for national benefit
Landmark agreement between IOP Publishing and Bibsam to extend access to research through all-inclusive approach
UK to launch new research agency to support high risk, high reward science
Groundwater recharge rates mapped for Africa
CLOUD at CERN reveals role of iodine acids in atmospheric aerosol formation
UNSW Scientia Professor appointed President of Australian Institute of Physics
Australia’s Chief Scientist to speak at Science meets Parliament
Researchers investigate signal transfer in proteins across multiple time scales
IOP Publishing announces its first transformative agreement in Finland
Optical Society Awards Federico Capasso 2021 Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize
Elizabeth von Hauff named professor by special appointment of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Energy Conversion
How chess plays out at MIT
Miriam Maus appointed as IOP Publishing’s new publishing director
IOP Publishing partners with Morressier to introduce a new standard in conference workflows
How short circuits in lithium metal batteries can be prevented
In memoriam: Martinus Veltman
Are two phases of quarantine better than one?
A groggy climate giant: subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years
Achieving Open Access in Physics
Physics societies unite in support of open access
Biophysicist Paul Hansma joins National Academy of Inventors
An optical curveball
IOP Publishing expands open access journal portfolio with launch of Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering
IOP Publishing partners with Charlesworth Group to integrate article tracking feature into WeChat
IOP Publishing unveils new open access environmental journal series
Wolfgang Peter Schleich Named 2021 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
IOP Publishing signs transformative agreement with Polish Academic Consortium
Work in Publishing Week at IOP Publishing 17 November