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Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Superpower in Photonics and Optoelectronics
Cooking up plasmas with microwaves
Chinese Scientists Unravel Mystery of Cubic Ice
Microwaves Used to Create Plasmas for Cooking
IOP, Morressier Partner to Create Modern Submission System
King’s Scientists Discuss Cutting-Edge Ideas at Committee
Trio of OA agreements in Asia mark first for IOP Publishing
Antonia Seymour Shares Vision for Physics Publishing Future
Antonia Seymour Outlines Vision for Publishing Future
Liverpool success at STEM for Britain
Scientists Unveil Magic Boron Clusters on Borophene Layer
£5.5m Technical Institute to Boost UK’s Innovation Bid
£5.5M Institute to Boost UK’s Global Research Bid
Scientist takes her research to Parliament
What is the future of book publishing?
Three researchers to present to Parliament for STEM for Britain
IOP Publishing releases its 2022 highlights report
Science, Tech Take Top Spot at Cabinet: UK Gov
UK Scientists Create Practical Quantum Computers for Big Challenges
Why icicles are rippled
IOP Publishing supports Publishers Association Inclusivity Action Plan
Cocoa Source of World’s Biggest Producer Untraceable
Physicists Uncover Secret of 2D Quasicrystal Formation from Metal Oxides
Unveiled: Link Between Superconductivity and Strange-Metal State in FeSe
Improved Hydrogen Transfer Boosts H2 Evolution Reaction
Improved Hydrogen Transfer Enhances HER Performance
20,000 premature US deaths caused by human-ignited fires
Transformative agreements: making universal access to research reality
IOP Publishing Honors Early-Career Quantum Researchers: Nominations Open
OhioLINK and IOP Publishing sign uncapped transformative agreement
COMPASS for Highly Sensitive Rapid Tests
Giant Machines Tackle Giant Questions
SCELC Consortium and IOP Publishing strengthen their commitment to OA publishing
Success in High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Terahertz Detection Using Graphene Transistor
Thousands of nuclear jobs to fill
Unlucky star. new comb. Nuclear jobs – call to action
Institute of Physics Publishing strikes unlimited publishing deal with Big Ten Academic Alliance
Experimental implementation of unit-independent type quantum key distribution with erroneous and correlated sources
Energy-efficient computing with tiny magnetic vortices
Researchers Provide Structural Insights into NaV1.7 Modulation by Inhibitors
Simple semiconductor solutions could increase solar power generation and enable better space probes
Two ERC Starting Grants awarded to University of Freiburg
IOP Publishing is largest physics publisher to strike open access agreement with Council of Australian University Librarians
Isotope Effects on Mixed Plasma-driven Co-permeation Found Through RAFM Steels
STEM workplaces and academia under LGBTQIA+ microscope
Chemical reaction as good as gold
Researchers Optimize Thermoelectric Properties of Lead Telluride Material Systems
New IOP report calls for action on UK quantum sector growth