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Abstract submission, registration open for UK’s 2022 Food, Energy and Water Symposium
Statement From Premier On Professor Derek Denton AC
Where did Omicron come from?
Stars fatal encounter with black hole creates rare luminous flash
New data suggest ideas for covid vaccine design with better resistance to variants
Data offers COVID vaccine ideas with better variant resilience
Announcement of Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act review task force
For some small kidney cancers, freezing is more effective than heat treatment
Beyond Black Friday: how much waste ends up in landfill?
Where did Earth’s oxygen come from?
Green Mediterranean Diet reduces visceral fat twice as much as Mediterranean Diet and 10% more than healthy diet
When cyclones and fires collide…
Asteroid samples reveal early Solar System history
China-Australia Project Contributes to Studies on Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Increased grazing pressure threatens driest outlands
Australian researchers honoured for work in infectious disease prevention
Zombie viruses on hijacking trip
MND research goes global
Research reveals that chemical coatings can affect microparticles that “swim” in mucus solutions
Prioritising EVs over hybrids right turn, but Albanese Govt must further accelerate EV transition
IREx making major contribution to astronomy
Ice Age temperatures and precipitation reconstructed from earthworm granules
Western Australians warned on deadly heatwave danger this summer
Transforming Australia’s offshore energy industry
Dylan Alcott says he missed out on childhood friends
Neonicotinoid causes ASD-like symptoms in chicks
U.S.-ROK Joint Symposium on Countering DPRK Cyber Threats to Cryptocurrency Exchanges
New TLI Project Launched: Global Resistance to Authoritarian Diffusion – GRAD
Project aims to advance knowledge around environmental impacts of nuclear industry
Renowned Dunedin Study wins Rutherford Medal
How serious game can help protect environment
Global University Alliance delivers results, one year on
Arctic vegetation has major impact on warming
Sustaining WindEEE’s excellence entails digital transformation
Biodiversity of meadows and pastures can be asset for nature, agriculture, and tourism
Moderate exercise helps colorectal cancer patients live longer by reducing inflammation and improving gut bacteria
WALLABY builds intergalactic map in outback
International research team cracks chemical code on how iodine helps form clouds
Synthetic hibernation could provide protection from cosmic radiation
New seed funding program will stimulate global research partnerships
Study pinpoints 3 brain regions displaying telltale patterns in autistic individuals
Research pinpoints three brain regions with signature connections in autistic individuals
Gold-rich Stars Came from Ancient Galaxies
Searching for traces of dark matter with neutron spin clocks
Alzheimer’s disease can be diagnosed before symptoms emerge
Red-supergiant supernova images reveal secrets of earlier Universe
Seizing momentum for public health
Europe-wide study on epigenetics of field pennycress