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Latest University of Michigan teach-out focuses on presidential election process
Publicly sharing a goal could help you persist after hitting failure
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at a Signing Ceremony for United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement
A Hosts Genes Likely Influence Spread of Antibiotic Resistance
Stability pushes Sanders to top of ISU/Civiqs poll; caucus interest building
Organic farm advantages in biodiversity and profits depend on location
Iowa caucus-goers rely on variety of sources to make decision
Exclusive Polling: Iowa Youth Poised for Historic Caucus Turnout
Major NSF-sponsored grant will help researchers discover ways to improve urban sustainability
Color of your clothing can impact wildlife
Insecticides becoming more toxic to honey bees
Story of Vikings football star’s legacy told in filmmaker daughter’s documentary
Diverse cropping systems don’t increase carbon storage compared to corn-soybean rotations
Signs of economic recovery, but Iowa’s job growth lags behind nation
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at Signing of U.S.-China Phase One Trade Agreement
New research may help detect early signs of Alzheimer’s disease
Recognize MLK Jr. at Iowa State, Ames events throughout January
Engineers develop “chameleon metals” that change surfaces in response to heat
Zinc, folic acid supplements fail to enhance male fertility
ISU researchers pave way to make prairie strips eligible option for federal conservation program
Study examines biomarkers, economic factors that may increase risk for cognitive decline
Study of cardiac muscles in flies might help you keep your heart young
Nerve Stimulation May Benefit Women with Fibromyalgia
Mutant proteins linked to DNA damage, muscular dystrophy
Breaking dogma: Key cell death regulator has more than one way to get job done
Book looks at how landscape design helps solve water issues
George Flanagan – Writing rules of nuclear industry
Man jailed in US for 35 years for sexually exploiting boys, including Australians
New study identifies last known occurrence of extinct human ancestor
Ground-breaking new study finally establishes timing of Homo erectus’ last stand in Indonesia
Study dates last stand of human ancestor Homo erectus
NASA’s Astronaut Candidates to Graduate with Eye on Artemis Missions
Modern humans and Homo erectus did not co-exist in Java, study shows
Engineers developing machine-learning tools to quickly, cheaply design better solar cells
Tiny Quantum Sensors Watch Materials Transform Under Pressure
Burial traditions are evolving, designers see call to action
WTAS: Support for President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement
Sorghum study illuminates relationship between humans, crops and environment
Regional trends in overdose deaths reveal multiple opioid epidemics, according to new study
National Academy of Inventors recognizes Iowa State’s Narasimhan, Rao
Click, click, cook: Online grocery shopping leaves ‘food deserts’ behind
AF Week in Photos
Transformation by design
Thanksgiving is a good time to dish up a serving of history
AAAS recognizes six researchers for distinguished work advancing science
A little prairie can rescue honey bees from famine on farm, study finds
Warren slipping as Buttigieg continues to surge
NASA’s TESS helps astronomers study red-giant stars, examine a too-close planet