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Monash Team Produces First FODMAP Cookbook
Paxlovid Reduces Covid Risk of Death, Health Issues
Beethoven’s Poor Health Uncovers Family Secret Through DNA Analysis
Clues to cause of chronic gut pain
Beethoven’s genome
Anti-Nausea Drug in Prenatal Period Linked to Colon Cancer Risk
Hydrogel Sensor Monitors Overactive Bladder
Covid Infections Increase Risk of Long-Term GI Problems
COVID-19 Increases Risk of Long-Term Digestive Issues
New gut calming innovation to bring relief to IBS sufferers
IBS Patients at Higher Risk of Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts
UCalgary Devises New Imaging for Clearer View of Brain-Gut Link
Feature: Breast milk, super donors and gut health
UCL Team Showcases Breast Milk, Super Donors and Gut Health on Channel 4
Gut Instinct: Listen to Your Inner Voice
NUS Researchers Link Blastocystis Strains to Gut Health Outcomes
Microbiome disturbances linked to CFS/ME identified
Distinct Changes in Microbiome, Gut Metabolites Linked to ME/CFS
Antidepressants used for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?
Antidepressants use for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?
Antidepressants Ineffective for Many Pain Conditions
Antidepressants for Chronic Pain: How Effective?
Rise in Antidepressant Use for Chronic Pain: Is It Effective?
Lower Bacterial Diversity is Associated With Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lower Bacterial Diversity Linked to IBS
Gut Microbiome Communication: Gut-Organ Axis
Education Protects Gut Health: Study Shows Surprising Benefits
Treating gut pain via Nobel prize-winning receptor
How gravity can cause irritable bowel syndrome
Breakthrough in bacterial vaginosis treatment for women’s health
From sharp butt pains to period poos: 5 lesser-known menstrual cycle symptoms
Bloating common problem among Americans, study reports
How people living with IBS can stomach holidays
Endometriosis: 9 facts to know about puzzling disease
Adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with inactive inflammatory bowel disease
Feeling bloated, hungry or bored after salad?
£23.3m research funding means new treatments will be developed faster in Nottingham
Silencing gut pain without pain killers
Deciphering how technique is successful in different diseases
Funding To Establish Centre For Local Medtech Innovators
Does TikTok’s chia-lemon ‘internal shower’ really beat constipation?
Histamine-producing gut bacteria can trigger chronic abdominal pain
What we know about irritable bowel syndrome
Another secret of fibromyalgia discovered in microbiome
Major Support To Turn University Genius Into Products, Jobs
AGA issues clinical guidelines outlining drug treatment plans for patients with irritable bowel syndrome
An Outcome Study for Hypnotherapy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome First Three-armed randomized control trial
AMA Fees List Telehealth items update