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Kenya becomes third country to launch MARPLE Diagnostics hub
Could cyber designs deliver potent dual-action antibiotics?
Proof that Mendel discovered laws of inheritance decades ahead of his time
What sea cucumbers can teach us about self-defense
Injection of funding for UK’s world-class research and innovation infrastructure
Gene-edited tomatoes could be new source of vitamin D
Higher wheat yields and protein content on horizon
International recognition for eminent John Innes Centre Scientist
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Bee henge on Norwich Research Park
Research into pathogen-host manipulation inspires major European Funding
Scientific leadership and creative thinking – wheat researcher award
Discovery of wheat’s clustered chemical defenses creates new avenues for research
Wheat-soil interaction offers route to sustainable agriculture
International collaboration aims high in Nepal
Modulation of calcium signaling to enhance root nodule symbiosis
Hardy wild grass that could save our bread
Career pathways in Science
John Innes Centre researchers awarded slice of £10million Government funds for vaccines development
Untangling DNA replication mystery may lead to new antimalarial drugs
New powers granted to research gene editing in plants
John Innes Centre responds to new legislation for gene editing research in plants
Smart soil bugs offer farmers an ecofriendly route to controlling crop diseases
New species of bacteria named after John Innes Center
Group Leader opportunities
Group Leader openings
Application for Field Trial of Genetically Modified Organisms: High Iron Wheat
Scientists solve grass leaf conundrum
Researchers solve grass leaf conundrum
RNA findings offer new perspective for breeding polyploid crops
Agri-Innovation Minister Jo Churchill MP visits John Innes Centre
Gene-editing discovery yields high promise for wheat fertility in changing climate
Lesley Mitchenall recognised with Lifetime Achievement Award
Condensation clue explains how plants sense changing autumnal temperature
How bread wheat got its gluten: Tracing impact of long-lost relative on modern bread wheat
Tracing impact of long-lost relative on modern bread wheat
How legumes give oxygen to symbiotic bacteria in their roots
Cambridge-led Ceres Agri-Tech launches first three spin-outs
Unravelling fungal spore release mechanics to guide policy on barberry planting
First step towards unlocking power of gene editing
Microbial molecule that turns plants into zombies
How to fold linear chromosome of Streptomyces
Protecting future: how plant stem cells guard against genetic damage
Borlaug Global Rust Initiative announces 2021 global wheat conference
X-ray crystallography sheds light on protein crucial for chromosome segregation in bacteria
Flea beetle fight gets fresh funding injection
How sex cells get right genetic mix – An interdisciplinary approach solves century-old puzzle
Take action to harness unique contribution of plant genetic innovation, government urged