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Take action to harness unique contribution of plant genetic innovation, government urged
How adaxial-abaxial axis is regulated during radial symmetry establishment at Arabidopsis gynoecium apex
Newly discovered role for CTP in ensuring faithful cell division in bacteria
Help, there’s an alien in my park
How information beyond genetic sequence is encoded in plant sperm
Research institutes launch innovative collaboration to combat crop disease
Scientists reveal how plants become good neighbours in times of stress
How plants become good neighbours in times of stress
Funding boost to scope zero-carbon hub for plant and microbial science
Landmark field trials show potential of gene-editing
How cells measure themselves
Showcasing region’s food science to attract foreign investment
Sreya Ghosh selected for Forbes Under 30 list
John Innes Centre scientists call for international investment to tackle major wheat losses
Scientists call for international investment to tackle major wheat losses
Virus infection cycle revealed in dynamic detail
Long search finds grain of hope in glume
First frost is deepest
Winning gene combination takes all
Fascination of Plants Day: become a plant scientist for a day
CIMMYT and John Innes Centre announce strategic collaboration on wheat research
Machine learning identifies mechanisms of flowering in rapid-cycling Brassica crops
Stress test finds cracks in resistance of harmful hospital bugs
Tracing start of starch granules in wheat
Flowering rooted in embryonic gene-regulation
Explore hidden world of microbes in new comic book
Shedding light on long and short of plant growth
Phyllotaxis modelling project wins funding from Human Frontier Science Program
Pioneering pollinator study offers clues to Darwin’s “abominable mystery”
Research uncovers a critical factor in assembly of cell division machinery in bacteria
New strategy for plant sciences calls for investment in world-class HP3 infrastructure
DNA topoisomerases – vital multi-tasking enzymes
A new genomic tool for wheat rust researchers worldwide
Research pinpoints unique drug target in antibiotic resistant bacteria
Digital detective work tracks travels of Gregor Mendel
Intriguing new twist to unfolding story of DNA
An Achilles’ heel for wheat rust infection
Study uncovers structural features regulating mRNA processing
New UK centre of excellence to help improve global food security threatened by climate change
John Innes Centre research attracts global health charity funding
Innovative gene stacks enhance wheat rust resistance
Gene-editing produces tenfold increase in superbug slaying antibiotics
Bacteria can tell time
Sweet success for sugar beet research bid
A CRISPR picture emerges on European Union GMO directive
CSIRO ‘gene sandwich’ to enhance wheat rust resistance
Oilseed rape research challenges previous thinking on flowering time
Study finds large-scale expansion of stem rust resistance gene in barley and oat