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Oral health and its link to general health of people around world
Lower Risk of Premature Death Linked to Healthy Eating
Group Details Guidelines for Diabetes, Kidney Disease Treatment
3-D Model Sheds Light on Glucose’s Role in Kidney Disease
Study illuminates sugar’s role in common kidney disease
Sugar Linked to Kidney Disease: Study
3-D Model Sheds Light on Glucose Role in Kidney Disease
Role of Gut Bacteria in Diabetes Examined
Young Adults Develop Rare Complication After COVID Vaccine: Study
Time-Restricted Eating Alters Genes Throughout Body
Eye Injury Recovery Process Altered by Dry Eye Disease
Rise in Japan’s Nephrosclerosis-Related Kidney Treatments
2022 CVD Research to Focus on Maternal/Child Health, Repurposing Meds
Cardiologists Successfully Perform Pioneering Tricuspid Valve Procedure
Dimerix completes recruitment in first part of DMX-200 trial
Penn Medicine Launches New Center for Living Donation
Alcohol Use Rises Post-Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery
Liver-transplant patient demographic info can help predict hospital readmission
Survival Improved in AKI Patients with Nephrologist Follow-up
Revised Blood Pressure Guidelines Help Detect Kidney Disease Risk in Kids
Diabetes Care During COVID-19: Research Brief Outlines Options
New immune target to treat cardiovascular disease discovered
Discovery offers likely treatment for kidney disease
Keeping your skin moisturized in cold, dry weather
Potential Treatment for Kidney Disease Found in Drug Discovery
Hearts and bodies change with age, heart disease treatments may need to change, too
Heart Disease Treatments May Need to Adapt with Age
George Institute sells George Clinical and reinvests in its global health research program
Guideline hemoglobin targets in kids with kidney disease may not optimize growth
Dietary fiber deficiency in lactating mother can lead to obesity
Research reveals non-heavy alcohol use linked to liver fibrosis
Staph infection-induced kidney disease may be linked to bacterial gene mutation
New oral substance developed by Mass General researchers may help prevent and treat osteoporosis
Postpartum diabetes testing low for women with gestational diabetes
Aging in eye predicts risk of kidney failure
Published Real World Evidence Demonstrates KidneyIntelX Improved Clinical Decisions and Outcomes
Feline genetics help pinpoint first-ever domestication of cats, University of Missouri study finds
Published real-world evidence reveals that KidneyIntelX improved clinical decisions and outcomes
Patients to carry out health checks in comfort of own home to ease pressure on frontline services
D-Amino acids: Signaling severity in viral infection
Prevalence of ‘meth’ heart failure now in wide range of social class and racial groups
Biochemist develops new membranes for portable artificial kidney
Prevalence of “meth” heart failure now in many different socioeconomic and racial groups
Type 2 diabetes drug cost-effective for cardiovascular and kidney benefits, finds new study
Supporting clubs to provide refuge during heat and smoke events
NSW Police roll-up their sleeves for fifth annual ‘Bleed4Blue’ blood drive
Exhibition showcases art’s healing power in Alice Springs
Shaking less salt on food at table can reduce risk of heart disease